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February 27th, 2007, 00:55
Griffin iFM Radio Remote Control PSP
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Site: Buy from Griffin (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/ifmpsp/)
Price: $24.99

Overview : The iFM Radio Tuner and Remote Control integrates FM radio tuning and remote control functionality to the PSP, all in a tiny enclosure.

It features a large, easy to read LED for FM tuning, a pass-through port for headphones, and a clip for comfortable use.

The integrated remote includes essential controls for easy media playback and functionality. Using the single button switch, listeners can enjoy their favorite FM stations or control music right off their PSP.

Technical Specifications :

U.S. Tuning Range: 87.9 MHz - 107.9 MHz in 200kHz intervals
European Tuning Range: 87.9 MHz - 108.0 MHz in 100kHz intervals
Japanese Tuning Range: 76.0 MHz - 90.0 MHz in 100kHz intervals
Audio Frequency Response: 20Hz – 15kHz
Volume Steps: 16
Max Output Power: 20mW each into 32 ohm speakers
RF Sensitivity: 2μVEMF
Max Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 57dB
Stereo Separation: 27dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.4%

Quality/Usability : This is the second FM radio remote (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=49889) that we reviewed. But of course, Griffin is a more recognized company for their accessories on the PSP and iPod. So how does this fair with the no-name brand FM radio remote?

The iFM PSP comes in a blister pack and the remote looks nice and I mean NICE! The remote has a switch on top for RADIO and REMOTE. On the face of the remote is an indicator for US, INTL (European) and JP (Japanese). There is a LED display on the front that displays the radio station and to the right of that is the Navigation Wheel that has the directional pad for volume, PLAY/PAUSE, Fast Forward and Rewind. The FF and RW also acts as a FM radio channel selector.

The iFM PSP measures 24mm x 70mm x 13mm (excluding beltclip). Due to the size, the remote has a little bit of weight to it (0.06oz). On the back of the remote is a nice big clip. The radio has three ranges, US, European and Japanese with each having its own frequency range.

Radio Mode
To listen to the radio, you slide the Mode Switch to RADIO to enter Radio Mode. Press and release the RW and FF buttons to step through the FM tuning band. Or hold them down to scan continuously.

Hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for several seconds to select among 3 different tuning ranges. The Tuning Range Indicator will light up to tell you whether you are in U.S., European, or Japanese tuning range.

Unfortunately, there is no presets for your radio stations. This is a must for any radio but this was neglected. In order to change stations or volume, your PSP must be on and not on sleepmode.

Remote Mode
To listen to the PSP, you slide the Mode Switch to REMOTE and your iFM becomes a handy remote control. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to play or pause. Use the FF or RW buttons to go to the next or previous tracks. While you're in Remote Mode, iFM's display will read "PSP." While in Remote Mode, if the PSP is shut down or put to sleep, iFM will enter Sleep Mode, as well.

Volume Buttons
To increase or decrease the volume, you use the + and - buttons to step through 10 volume levels. 0 is mute; 10 is full volume.

The sound quality is pretty clear and loud. The FM gives some bass to the music as if you were listening to it directly from your PSP.

Conclusion : Overall, the Griffin iFM PSP is a very nice FM radio remote. But the remote lacks some major necessities such as preset radio stations, ability to use the radio while the PSP is in sleep mode and no ON/OFF button. I use the iFM while I am at work and having to leave the PSP on at all times in order for me to change stations can be troublesome not to mention having to change the PSPs setting to allow it to stay on at all times. Having to hold the FF or RW just to change stations is annoying as well. I prefer just a click of a button to scroll through my saved radio stations. And when you're not using the iFM, you need to unplug it from the PSP. Had these three features been added, this would of been hands down the best FM radio remote. But at least they included a little pouch to store your iFM PSP.

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