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February 27th, 2007, 01:21
Griffin Smartshare Headphone Splitter
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Site: Buy from Griffin Technology (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/smartsharepsp/)
Price: $7.49-$14.99

Overview : The SmartShare is a headphone splitter with individual volume controls.

It is ideal for watching movies on a PSP or listening to your music on a iPod, as it allows you to share the experience with a friend perfect for car trips, plane flights, and waiting rooms. Now you can share your audio, not your volume preferences.

Great design and minimal size make SmartShare a must-have addition to any accessory bag.

Quality/Usability : The SmartShare splits sound between two headphones which allows two people to listen to your PSP or iPod at the same time without having to share headphones.

This is great on those long roadtrips or flights to keep you and your friend occupied. Each splitter has its own volume control. If you're the type to blast the volume, your friend wont have to suffer as they can control their own volume to their likings.

The sound quality is pretty clear and does a great job of splitting the sound. I personally like the volume blasted while my friends prefer to have a lower volume.

Conclusion : Overall, the Griffin SmartShare is a nice product to share sounds with a friend without having to give up your headphones or one of your earbuds. The volume control on each splitter is a nice addition as each person can adjust it to their own likings. This is not only for the PSP but can also be used for iPod, MP3/CD player or any electronic device that has a headphone jack.

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March 3rd, 2007, 21:17
Hello there,
I think this is terrific, specially like you said to share music & videos.. I guess I'll get one Thanks!