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March 8th, 2007, 01:12
DecalGirl DS Lite NES Skin (Retro)
Manufacturer: DecalGirl
Site: Buy from DecalGirl (http://www.myreferer.com/mydb/?M=decalgirl&ID=chino&L=26)
Price: $9.99


Overview : Protect and personalize your new Nintendo DS Lite with a precision fit, full-color Nintendo DS Lite skin kit! Each DecalGirl DS Lite skin is designed for maximum coverage and flexibility; this brilliant, high resolution "Retro Lite" design is printed on premium adhesive-backed cast vinyl then covered with a clear protectant layer for the ultimate in durability! An innovative repositionable, sremovable adhesive ensures that you'll have no air bubbles and a fast, easy and accurate installation. As always, they can be removed at any time without leaving any sticky residue!

Quality/Usability : Following the review of our DecalGirl Nintendo Wii and Controller Skin (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=46177), we had to keep it within the NES Retro family.

DecalGirl has impressed me even more when I received their package in the mail. Their packaging is even more professional with an actual packaging unlike the Wii skin which had no packaging.

The DS Lite Skin comes with three skins; top, inner top screen and inner bottom screen. Applying the top skin was a piece of cake. As for the other two, it took alot longer than I expected.

You'll need a pen or something sharp to detach the little holes for the speaker. Applying the sides is no problem its when you get towards the screen. You will have to do a little fiddling around to align everything correctly. Since I use a screen protector, the skin covers the the sides of the screen. If you have a screen cover that covers the whole top screen, you'll have to either put the skin over it or put the screen protector over the skin. There are flaws to this though. If you put the skin over the screen protector, you'll have to remove the skin to get under the screen protector. If you place the screen protector on top of the skin, you might have problems with the screen protector sticking completely as the edges are now raised off the screen. I personally use Clarivue's (http://www.clarivue.com) screen protector which doesnt have any sticky residue but uses static

The bottom skin wasnt as bad as the top screen but you had to make sure it cleared the directional pad and buttons. At first, I though I would have problems with the skin as anytime you have a raised curve, the skin would crease. The DS Lite Skin did a great job of smoothing out around the corners. There is no crease at all. If there is.

Conclusion : Overall, the DecalGirl DS Lite NES Skin (Retro) looks hot! It fits perfectly and looks great. It may take a little longer for those perfectionist or those anal like me. Would have been nice if the inner top skin didnt cover the screen. Also, I notice that the gray lines on the inner skins arent evenly centered but its no big deal.

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