View Full Version : ZiNc 1.1

January 25th, 2005, 11:34
Zinc gets an update, nice, heres whats new:
-Correct PSX root counter timing.
This fixes play speed in Soul Edge, Tekken 3, Ehrgeiz, and Dancing Eyes, also fixing Showtime in Dancing Eyes.
-Updated unzip engine. Even zipmax files should work now.
-Load by CRC32. No need to rename ROMs anymore.
-Fixed improperly defined Soul Edge sets.
Get from here (http://www.emuhype.com/index.phtml?s=zinc&ss=index)

Aldo's Zinc Frontend 2.03

Usefull unless you like command lines, a windows frontend (I should probably check to see if gzincs updated for linux as well sometime), heres whats new:
-Support for the Zinc 1.1
-auto display the error messages
-list all the games (71 in 1.1, 69 in 1.01, 70 in 1.0, 26 in ZiNc 0.9)
get from here (http://www.aldostools.com/frontends.html)