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October 24th, 2004, 05:03
Xmas has come early as Zinc 1.0 hits us unexpectedly more than doubling the number of supported games. Highlights include working sound and music in System 11 games (a very fast PC is required for this, but you can turn off sound to get your speed back), various graphical fixes such as the story text in Tech Romancer, and more. Heres whats new:
-True ZN decryption instead of ZiNc's old hacks. Some Capcom games may take a little longer to start up than they did under previous ZiNc versions. This is completely normal
-Story text in Kikaioh / Tech Romancer now works
-Support for Tecmo TPS, Atlus PS, Raizing/Eighting PS Arcade 95, Konami GV, and Namco System 12
-Sound simulation for System 11 games, thanks to Team VivaNonno
-Fixed graphics for Tekken and Tekken 2
-MAME-style parent/clone support
-All ROM sets now match MAME 0.87u5 (not a public version)
-CHD support. These may go either in your ROM folder or in a subdirectory of your ROM folder, the same as MAME

What's wrong with it?
-Sound is not accurate in System 11 games although the simulator does an excellent job in many cases.
-Game speed is wrong in many System 11 games.
-Sound is not accurate in System 12 games.
-The external sound board is not supported for the Raizing games, Cool Boarders, or the Taito FX-1b games.
Get from here (http://www.emuhype.com/)

October 24th, 2004, 07:12
yay, i hadn't checked emuhype for ages (went there for m1 mostly)

Cap'n 1time
October 24th, 2004, 07:41
sveet. Playing ZiNc is healthy.

October 25th, 2004, 05:12
Update Zinc v1.01 now out, heres whats new:
-Disabled Tekken 3 and Super World Stadium '99, both of which were broken.
-Removed --verify switch - it didn't work, and real DATs can be synthesized from the --list-sets output anyway.
-Added Street Fighter EX US version.
-Added -rotate option so vertical monitor games can work on real vertical
-Synced ROMs with latest MAME. Again.
-Fixed Susume Taisen Puzzle-Dama on Windows builds - VC++ was miscompiling an inline function.
-Fixed keyboard plugin to support the Konami GV system.
Get from here (http://www.emuhype.com/)

Oh yeah & a nice companion for it is Aldo's Zinc frontend 2.0 which you'll find here (http://www.aldostools.com/frontends.html)

October 26th, 2004, 08:41
Quick update to Aldo's Zinc frontend now up to 2.01, it now works porperly with the current Zinc showing all the games rather than just the first 26 ZN based ones. Get from here (http://www.aldostools.com/frontends.html)

Cap'n 1time
October 26th, 2004, 12:03
does a zinc frontend for linux exist for the new version?

October 26th, 2004, 12:39
I think so, seem to recall seein something on the zinc boards about it gzinc (http://socialistsoftware.com/gzinc.php) might work ok with the current ones but thats the only linux frontend for Zinc I can remember atm

Cap'n 1time
October 26th, 2004, 19:42
\Thanks i appreciate the link, It works quite nicely but it dosnt support the new version.

October 27th, 2004, 09:49
Hmm a package from here (http://littletux.no-ip.org/~guillaume/zinc/) should work with the current Zinc then I think, that seems the aim of the guy posting about it in the Zinc boards, as you can probably guess I'm not a penguin user

November 8th, 2004, 08:59
ZiNC v1.0.2 is here folks, heres whats new:
-Reversed Qsound channels.
-Tekken 3 now runs. Yes, I know it sounds like hell. Turn your speakers off.
-sfexp reparented as per MAME 0.88u3, the new US version is the parent.
-Added the release date to the description of all Capcom games so you can tell the difference between the 2 US sets of sfexp.
-Fixed misidentified sfex2-series sets.
-Added player 2 controls for Konami GV games.
-Fixed graphical issue in Bloody Roar 2.
-(Linux) libs11player.so now can also be in the LD search path. This is helpful for frontends.
Get it from here (http://www.emuhype.com/index.phtml?s=zinc&ss=index)

November 10th, 2004, 11:52
Aldo's Zinc Frontend 2.02

Does exactly what it says on the tin, heres whats new:
-Support for the Zinc 1.02
-auto display the error messages
-list all the games (71 in 1.02, 69 in 1.01, 70 in 1.0, 26 in ZiNc 0.9)
Get from here (http://aldostools.mysite4now.com/frontends.html)