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March 22nd, 2007, 23:22
DS Lite Crystal Case
Manufacturer: Unknown
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/nds/lite_colorcrystal.htm)
Price: $6.00

Overview : Protects the DS Lite from scratches and fingerprints.

Features :

High quality 3rd party product.
Protect the NDS Lite from dust, scratches, etc....
Shock resistant.
No need to take out the console when playing.
6 colors available - black, pink, navy blue, ice blue, white or clear.

Quality/Usability : The DS Lite Crystal Case is made of very durable plastic. Putting the DS Lite can be a little tricky but doesnt take a genius. Since the power button and volume button sticks out a little, either side depending on how you place it in to the case might get caught on the edge of the case. This will require a little extra force to get it in the case. All buttons, ports and switches are easily accessible.

With the DS Lite in the case and the case closed completely, it is flush without any gaps. The DS Lite is held securely in the Crystal Case. Unfortunately, the top cover doesnt always stay on. When flipping the DS Lite open, at time you'll end up flipping the cover while the DS Lite is still closed.

Conclusion : Overall, the DS Lite Crystal Clear Case protects the DS Lite from scratches and fingers. Only drawback is that the flip cover doesnt lift the DS Lite top screen as well. Removing the DS Lite is alot easier then it is to put it in. Also, the clear case, isnt really clear. It has a bit of cloudiness to it.

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