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March 22nd, 2007, 23:56
DS Lite Polycarbonate Case
Manufacturer: Black Horns
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/nds/lite_polycase.htm)
Price: $13.00

Overview : Made from polycarbonate. Virtually indestructible armor case. The silicon insert makes your DS Lite more colorful and stylish. Cutouts for all controls on the console, gives you easy access to the power, headphone, cartridges and volume control.

Features :

High quality 3rd party product.
Protect the NDS Lite from dust, scratches, etc....
Shock resistant.
Comes with a clear color polycarbonate hard case and 2 sets of silicon inner soft silicon cases per set.
No need to take out the console when playing.
3 sets available - black & navy blue, orange & pink or white & ice blue.

Quality/Usability : I have been a big fan of Logitech's PlayGear Pocket for the PSP. It had a nice look to it, ability to customize the look of the case with inserts or even just the nice rubber silicon made it look nice. So I thought I would give the DS Lite the same treatment.

The DS Lite Polycarbonate Case didnt come in those normal 3rd party blister packs (plastic). Instead, it came in a cardboard sleeve all shrinkwrapped. Inside that cardboard sleeve was a black box with the logo of a rhino. Inside that box was a polycarbonate case with a silicon already placed inside and another silicon case. There are three sets: black and blue, orange and pink and white and ice blue.

The case is very durable and so was the silicon case. The silicon case fits perfectly inside the case and if just placing the silicon on the DS Lite, it fit perfectly as well. But you wont be able to just use the silicon as there is nothing to attach it to the DS Lite.

The Polycarbonate Case came with a 3 months warranty as well as instructions on how to remove the DS Lite from the case. Placing the DS into the silicon and polycarbonate case took some trial and error. The only areas that gave the most problem were the trigger areas and right above the Slot-2. The reason why it gave some problems is because it was a thin strip of rubber silicon. So when you place the DS Lite into the case, the strip of silicon would move out of place and you would have to take out the DS Lite and reinsert. You would have to repeat this process until its is perfectly in place.

Once in place, the bottom half of the DS Lite is snug and secure. The top half of the polycarbonate case isnt hard. Its just one big piece of silicon. You can either place it on the top cover of the DS Lite or on underside of the polycarbonate case. Once its in, the case fits perfectly. The case is flush with no bulges or gaps. Lifting the cover of the polycarbonate case also opens the DS Lite as well.

Since the polycarbonate case also uses a silicon case, there will be some thickness added. So this means that reaching for the volume button and power switch requires you to reach a little further in. But that isnt a problem because you can use your stylus to help you reach in.

Removing the DS Lite from the case is a little more simpler...thanks to the instructions. To remove the DS Lite from the polycarbonate case, you first need to open the flap. Next you'll have to pull on the piece of plastic under the bottom screen but above the Slot-2. While pulling the piece of plastic this gives room for you to push the bottom of the DS Lite up. Just to pull on the plastic too much or you'll crack it. Once the bottom of the DS Lite is out of the case, hold the DS Lite as if you were playing and press on the L & R trigger. This will push the DS Lite towards you. As it gets loose, you can slide the DS Lite out.

Conclusion : Overall, the DS Lite Polycarbonate Case is a nice product. With the polycarbonate case and silicon, I know my DS Lite is securely in place and protected. The annoying part is having to get the DS Lite in the case without the silicon (above Slot-2 and trigger area) being moved out of place. Accessing all buttons and ports didnt cause a problem at all. Its nice that the manufacturers included two silicon inserts so you can switch to whatever color you're feeling.

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