View Full Version : P4 optimised MAME32FX .85 & a regular one

August 9th, 2004, 09:31
An unofficial version of an unofficial version (is such a thing possible?) if you like, I was tinkering around earlier & thought I'd try my hand at producing a P4 optimised version so here it is, helpfully with the cheat.dat included for those of you that think infinite credits in emulation isnt enough ;)
Get from here (http://www.hawq.dsl.pipex.com/mame32fxp4.exe)

The more official 32fx has these changes:
-Updated to MAME 0.85 - MAME32 0.85
-Fixed MAME Testers bug Armwrest35b9Yel.
-Fixed Official MAME bug in megasys1.c. (Games have screen flipped)
-Fixed all gfx bugs in Super Dodge Ball (US).
-Improved saving settings of volume adjustation function.
-Improved support for new version of Command.dat.
-Removed improvements in the F5 Key Refresh function. (No more needed)
NOTE: New Controller files are not supported but needed by MAME32FX.
Their handling is still quite buggish in new MAME core.
& can be found here (http://digilander.libero.it/mame32FX/home.htm)