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August 8th, 2004, 08:19
Another entry in the sporadic mentioning of em releases in here

Emulator MAME V0.85

System PC - Windows

If you dont know MAME by now what rock have you been living under? anyway heres .85 of this excellent arcade emu which now supports 5061 ROM sets & 2851 unique games (unfortunatly a lot are mahjong games, quite like mahjong myself but there can be too much if you know what I mean) so unto whats new:
Driver Improvements:
-Fixed sprite vs. tilemap priority and sprite vs. tilemap
positioning for the*FL games. [R. Belmont]
-Hooked up player 3 trackball in Rampart. [Aaron Giles]
-Fixed crasher in the new Mappy DIP switches. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
-Added conditional DIP switch support to Asterock. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
-Fixed Superman frame rate to match real PCB. [Robert Flory]
-Fixed sound balance in Bowlorama. [Aaron Giles]
-Added conditional coinage to a number of games. [El Condor]

Changes to the main program:
-Fixed bug with new command line options when using -createconfig.
[Aaron Giles]
-Changed the way the remapping works in the ctrlr .cfg files so that
it works more like the way the old system did. [Aaron Giles]
-Some MESS-specific additions to the new input configuration code.
[Nathan Woods]
-Added sourcefile attribute to the -listxml output. [Logiqx]
-Fixed bug that prevented default controls that were set to "None"
from saving/restoring properly. [Aaron Giles]
-Added feature to the general input settings so that if you hit Esc
to cancel setting a new input sequence, it toggles between "None"
(old behavior) and the default. This is similar to the change that
went into u6 for the game-specific inputs. [Aaron Giles]
-Fixed load order for ctrlr files so that they don't stick in the
default.cfg if you switch between ctrlrs. [Aaron Giles]
-Renamed the paddle/adstick/pedal/dial/trackball/lightgun default
device selection options to paddle_device/adstick_device/
pedal_device/dial_device/trackball_device/lightgun_device to
prevent naming conflicts. [Aaron Giles]
-Added new port type IPT_OTHER to use for controls that don't map
in a standard way. Modified all the Mahjong games to use this
instead of 0 for the port type, and changed the UI to recognize
this and show it in the game-specific inputs. [Aaron Giles]
-Fixed debugger memory access for 64-bit CPUs. [Nicola Salmoria]
Get from here (http://www.mame.net/)