View Full Version : Still dont know about Goozex?

April 10th, 2007, 06:03
Are you still confused or unaware of what Goozex (http://www.goozex.com/go.asp?ref=dcemu.co.uk) is? Well Goozex is the new innovative system developed and tested by video-gamers for video-gamers. Goozex provides a unique trading platform that allows peer-to- multi-peer trading of physical goods. To help you understand better, our good friends over at Goozex has made a video to help you understand better how Goozex works.


It's FREE to sign up and doesnt cost you anything. You only pay for shipping the games out and only if you run out of trade credits. Refer more friends and never have to buy trade credits ever again! Sign up now using code - DCEmu-Reviews to receive 1 TRADE immediately and additional 100 points upon completeing first trade. For more information about how this all works, click here (http://goozex.com/trading/asp/about_howitworks.asp). Deadline: July 31, 2007

As a special promotion:

From April 5 to April 18, 2007 Goozex offers FREE trades to all its registered users. During this time period, users can trade their video games for free, as Goozex waives the $1 transaction fee. This allows users to trade their games and get others for FREE, with no need to purchase trade credits!! Happy trading from Goozex!

Please note: the promotion waives the $1 transacton fee. Users may still need to pay additional expenses for purchase of points or shipping rates.

I've personally sent out a couple of games and received a couple games in return. If you have experienced Goozex, feel free to post your experience.