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July 21st, 2013, 23:37
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NeoPop GX

a Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator (originally created by NeopopUK) ported for GC/Wii and developed using libogc.

i have contacted eke-eke who was gracious enough to provided me SVN commit access to bring this and other emulators back to life. The official SVN has been updated with code changes from "NeoPop GX unofficial" with additional features for a new release. All future releases and code changes will now be part of the official SVN code.


07/15/2013: ( Official Version 0.71.2 release - megalomaniac)
- WKF support added
. load roms from FAT formatted SD card in WKF slot
. WKF Flatmode detection added for users with DVD + WKF.
... If WKF is not in Flatmode message prompt will be displayed to remove WKF SD card
. Savestate/SRAM manager can save and load from MEMCARD or SD GECKO ( SD:/neopop/saves/ )

- IDE-EXI support added
. load roms from HDD
. roms location ( IDE:/neopop/roms/ )
. SlotA or SlotB autodetection
. write support not yet added, save files and progress to MEMCARD or SD GECKO

- Native Wii dol (no need to boot into GC mode)
- USB Support added
- DVD support added for ISO9660 discs
- Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Classic Controller support added

Previous Unofficial Version release code changes updated into official SVN. Thanks Eke-Eke
Thanks emu_kidid for borrowed swiss WKF & IDE-EXI code

download attached