View Full Version : Submit Your News and Releases at the DCEmu Network (What to Post & What Not to Post)

April 25th, 2007, 16:05
We want news for any consoles we cover and PC too, news can be:

Hacking News
Gaming News
Hardware News
Homebrew News/Releases
Emulator News/Releases

Please only post news & releases, no "personal" threads or spam. If you're going to post news from elsewhere, include a source link.

For coders you can upload to our forums and get details on how many download your emulator/homebrew release.

Images if posted should be smaller than 480 pixels wide and in jpeg format and no bigger than 50k in size.

Help us deliver the best news for the Homebrew scene. If your a fan of a certain scene and you feel we should deliver more then help out, we are only as good as the members who support DCEmu.

(mods/admins feel free to update this)