View Full Version : Zoozen Ovo 360 case

April 29th, 2007, 04:24
This has got to be the coolest case ever! Zoozen has given the Xbox360 a new look by creating a whole new case design. I would love to see this go into production.

Zoozen is delighted to give the public a first look at one of many innovative projects that our development staff are working on - Ovo 360. The Ovo 360 for Xbox 360 is the first case in the world which has the power to transform the complete look of Microsoft's next-generation machine. Sporting a sleek, white and sophisiticated shell, the Ovo 360 fuses the awesome power of the Xbox with an elegant and breathtaking modern day design to match.


Please Note: Final production of the Ovo 360 may not go ahead. There is still much in terms of development to be done.

Source: Zoozen (http://www.zoozen.com/cgi-bin/zoozen2/engine.pl?function=home)