View Full Version : V-BOX for the Nintendo Wii released

April 30th, 2007, 23:34

XCM has finally released their V-BOX for the Nintendo Wii. The V-Box for Wii by XCM is more than just a VGA Box to connect your Wii console to any PC screens. It is USB based, you connect to any PC via USB 2.0 port and let you record or capture all that your Wii display on the screens. An add-on recorder also can allow you to record DVD/VCD/CD via the V-Box from the disk player to your PC hard drive.

Item retails for $59.95 and can be purchased from Divineo China (http://www.divineo.cn/php/affstart.php?affcode=bandit&prod=wii-xvb) and $59.99 at Divineo US (http://www.divineo.com/php/affstart.php?affcode=bandit&prod=zz-wii-vbox). A full review of the product to come soon once we receive it.

You can see the V-BOX in action here (http://reviews.dcemu.co.uk/video-of-v-box-in-action-60529.html).

Source: XCM (http://www.xcmlive.com/cgi-bin/xcmlive/engine.pl?function=viewid&id=RKS00086&cat=WII-CABLES%20AND%20ADAPTERS)

May 1st, 2007, 00:03
cool thing, especially the recording via usb. i hope that no one buys the box at this ridiculously overprized shop though.