View Full Version : CHUCKii Wiimote Replacement Cases - Strat Clear Debut

May 1st, 2007, 13:12
SINGAPORE, 29 Apr 2007 (Mon) Did we hear you guys wanting to light up the Wiimote (other than the trigger button)? Ermm...I think you might as well electrify the whole wiimote into an explosion of lights with the release of the Strat Clear Wiimote Replacement Case (In-Stock)! We heard everything about modding the heck out of the wiimotes to enable it to control robots, affect CT scan devices and even the microwave oven. But let's face it, even a scientist will get bored of the whitish-ness of the stock shell. First to offer a transparent wiimote in the market, Xtreme Enterprise will be rolling out other colors in time to come. Look out gamers, cos we're just about to color your world! Go to our Wii-Shop to make your purchase now!


Source: NDS-Central (http://www.nds-central.com/)