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Cap'n 1time
July 31st, 2007, 17:23
We love it when our members submit news, It gives us (wraggster and the other news posters) a break and also involves you in the community!

As many of our veteran news posters know, DCemu has certain rules that are require for all posts, as well as guide lines that help keep your posts looking professional for the front page.

These are required of all news posts!

Sources must be cited.
Keep personal things out of news posts.
Make sure the news does not violate DCemu's site policy in any way.
Do your best to upload on our server! Of course, if the developer requests you download from a certain site you must respect their wishes. If the file size is to big try to contact a moderator or administrator and do the best you can temporarily.

Now for the tricks and tips for great news posts!

Most console related news has an icon. No, it doesn't actually do anything... It just makes things look cooler. If you forget to add the icon in your news post, simply click the Advanced Edit icon and add it later.

The front page does not seem to care for [*QUOTE][/*QUOTE]. Instead we use [*indent][/*indent] (minus *'s) to show what is quoted. This makes things look a bit more organized. We often use it when we want to post a change log or parts of a readme or just quoting in general on the front page.

DCemu has had an unofficial format for years. It isnt required of course, but it helps keep the page looking professional. Here is the format.

Image if it exists.
Via source.
(Author) has just released (app, version, etc). Quick commentary on main features.

Comments by the author of the program via the internet, readme, change log, whatever. Note [*indent] was used.

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

I hope this quick sloppy guide helps you! Moderators, please edit as you see fit.