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September 23rd, 2007, 21:01
via Dark Alex (http://dark-alex.org)

Team M33... I mean The God, Dark Alex is back!! Or both!? And released the firmware 3.71 M33!

M33 Official Website

Official Announcement

3.71M33 Released. It will be our last but one release.
In the near future, it will be released a Slim&&Fat Unbricker, and a 1.50kernel patch

First of all, thanks for all your donations.
It's time to make the Scene think into what has it turned.
NOW you can look for guilty ones.

And, to finish, greetings to pspx.ru and all the ones that have helped us in this crusade.

M33 == Dark_AleX


Changes in 3.71 M33

Now uses 3.71
VSH Menu is not longer launched using HOME key, but using SELECT now. This is to not interfere with the XMB function of home, which is now more useful in this firmware.
PSP Slim: umdcache was allocating memory even when homebrew was launched, wasting memory that homebrew programs may want to use. Now umdcache module is stopped before it can allocate any memory, only in the case homebrew is launched.

Also, memory is unprotected for user memory usage by M33 core (only when homebrew is launched). Developer, for a sample of how to use the extra memory, see the extra ram sample of the M33 SDK.

Both version boot now from 3.XX ipl, and are independent of 1.50.

The main installer will not install 1.50 kernel anymore. A 1.50 kernel addon for 3.71 M33 that will install inside 3.71 M33 will be released in a few days (for fat only)

Note: due to some changes in kernel nids by Sony, you can expect a lot of kernel plugins not working anymore. Programmers: refer to the SDK readme for details.

Installation instructions:

First method for both psp, the prefered when possible:

Requeriments: a fat psp slim with 3.52 M33-3 or 3.52 M33-4. Previous versions of M33 won't work, due to a bug that affects them and OE; or a psp slim with 3.60 M33.

Copy the UPDATE directory into /PSP/GAME/UPDATE and copy the EBOOT.PBP of the 3.71 Sony updater there but with name "371.PBP". Note: the program will not even show if you copy it to a different folder than that.
If you are in the fat psp, make sure you have configured the psp to run the game folder in the 3.XX kernel.
Execute the program, it requires 78% of battery. If you have idstorage corrupted due to a downgrader, the program will ask you to correct it automatically so the update can continue.
Press X, and the Sony updater will begin. Sit and enjoy while Sony code installs 3.71 M33
When finished, the updater will ask you to reboot (pressing X or O). DO IT. Do not skip this step shutting down the psp by yourself, or you'll end with a brick.
You should be now in 3.71 M33.

Great news, huh? ;)

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Sonicboy 101
September 23rd, 2007, 21:04
Mind boggling news!
This is great! :)
But also sad that it will be one of the last. :(

September 23rd, 2007, 21:06
omg yes omg yay.

September 23rd, 2007, 21:25
oh wow you guys are also asss I Knew it was da the whole entire time..lmao

he is always in team m33 back trust me lo

thanks to does lamers he is gonna go thanks alotl