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October 4th, 2007, 18:46
News from Elements Interactive :

Elements Interactive brings commercial platform game Li-Nuggz to the Gp2x and More

In this game the player controls Li-Nuggz, a cute little fellow in his quest to save his island from the evil Drago. Use your harpoon, seedgun or hidden sword to slice bubbles, coconuts, fruit and many more objects. Guide Li-Nuggz through the 50 levels to the top of the vulcano for his final battle against the evil villain. Besides an adventure game, Li-Nuggz also sports 5 instant games for instant fun!


- Five different stages to explore (docks, beach, village, caves and vulcano)
- 50 levels, including normal, extra and bonus levels
- Lots of powerups to collect
- Challenging end-boss
- Five different Instant Games for endless instant fun!
- Cool particle effects
- Smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Stunning pre-rendered 3D graphics!
- Smooth animations
- Catchy music and enjoyable sound effects by DJ PWB
- Flexible control system allowing total customization
- Unlockable extra features
- Online highscore publishing
- Addictive gameplay

Supported platforms and screen resolutions are:
- Windows Mobile Pocket PC (QVGA - landscape and portrait, VGA)
- Windows Mobile Smartphone (low resolution, QVGA - landscape and portrait)
- Symbian Series 60 up to third edition (low and high resolution, QVGA - landscape and portrait)
- Symbian UIQ 3.0
- GP2X handheld
- Gizmondo handheld
- Windows desktop (windowed)

Taking the separate screen resolutions and dimensions and over-the-air installation files into account, the game is available in no less than 22 different downloadable versions.

The complete game is available for $9.95. A free demo version of the game, featuring three levels and one instant game, is available for download at http://www.clickgamer.com/Li-Nuggz.