View Full Version : Is Pandora a Good Name for the Console ?

January 6th, 2008, 02:45
I like the look of the Pandora esp the black version, basically looks like a DS with a Keyboard on the bottom instead of a screen.

But the name Pandora, does anyone else think they could have chose better ?

January 6th, 2008, 08:08
It is as good as a name as any. The Pandora 'box' seems to reflect the ability to do anything given the hardware setup and the right developers.

January 6th, 2008, 08:56
It's a clamshell design yeah?

So you're not supposed to open it as doing so will release evils upon the world?

January 6th, 2008, 09:51
i like the name just listen to add they cold use open the pandora box as only Only Hope left

January 6th, 2008, 10:46
Pandora isnt bad but its not overly novel. I cant say I like the design much either, but that wasent a cad-miller worthy model so I dont think it was final.
I miss names like megadrive and mastersystem.
Playstation I allways thoguht was a bit lame... As is Xbox, untill they release the 'direct-xbox' at least (Should be the next one).
Gamecube was a good name but a better logo.

I think they should call the Pandora the GP3XXXZX-MONDO Edition. Hehe.

January 6th, 2008, 16:13
Not a bad name, at least it's better than random words like GP32 or GP2X.

January 6th, 2008, 17:48
No way, it sounds to me like a codename, Revolution, Alpha, Dolphin. To tacky/ cliche.

January 12th, 2008, 02:36
No way, it gets me too confused with the psp's pandora hack

January 14th, 2008, 07:20
IMHO, Its getting away from from generic words for container and game, as well as words referring to the ability to play games...that makes it awesome

May 22nd, 2008, 15:11
Pandora always makes me think of the Psp Pandora battery hack.