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February 20th, 2005, 11:33
Schizno has released a new clone of a Flash game for the Xbox Console, heres the info from his site:[br][br] Worked on MadnessX.[br]Well I actually got to code a little bit, so we aren't officially dead.[br]Still a little bit to do, mainly adding guns and adding more blood, the rest should be somewhat easy... I don't see any huge obstacles in the way but who knows.[br][br]An Update:[br][br]Small Update:[br]- Added clothing accessories (ie you can have hats, glasses, beards, masks etc)[br]- Added some new weapons[br]- Fixed some chainsaw graphics[br]- Smacked kl0wn like a little bitch [br][br]Curious? screenshots etc Here (http://xbox-homebrew.dcemu.co.uk/madnessx.shtml)