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  1. guymelef's Avatar
    If you're in the US you should check out Sunshine Wheat from New Belgium Brewing in Colorado. It's a filtered wheat and it bubbles like soda. My faves in no particular order.

    Miller High Life (add a little tomatoe juice, seriously just do it)
    Boulevard Wheat
    Sunshine Wheat
    Fat tire
    Blue paddle
    YeungLeung (sp?)
    Pilsner Urquell
  2. Darksaviour69's Avatar
    franziskaner or any good wheat beer
  3. Martin's Avatar
    My favorite beer is probably Bishop's Finger or Old Speckled Hen, whenever I feel I can afford them. Also a fan of Czech beer like Staropramen and Zlatopramen.
  4. Kaiser's Avatar
    My favourite beer is Asahi Super Dry. A great Japanese beer without too much carbonation.
    My favourite spirit is gin, usually in the form of a gin and tonic or similar drinks.

    At the moment though because of my lack of money in University I drink whatever I can afford. Which is usually cheap cheap local stuff. That's not to say there isn't good local breweries here, it's just to say I'm not one drinking the good stuff my city makes. :/
  5. wraggster's Avatar
    i can drink loads these days, doesnt help when you brew it your self :P
  6. Shrygue's Avatar
    You didn't? That's astounding, I guess you didn't drink, didn't have much or just got lucky after a strong few.
  7. wraggster's Avatar
    i didnt get drunk
  8. Shrygue's Avatar
    LOL, yeah! Besides, good job for getting the forums done.
  9. Kaiser's Avatar
    Make sure to double check your spelling on the drunken newsposting
  10. wraggster's Avatar
    mostly down to kaiser
  11. Shrygue's Avatar
    You two gentlemen are doing a grand job sorting out the forums, it's looking better now!
  12. Kaiser's Avatar
    ugh I'm going numb from the work I'm doing. Can't imagine how you feel Wraggs.
  13. wraggster's Avatar
    on the PSP Site now and helping kaiser on the forums, gives me something to do
  14. wraggster's Avatar
    i do try these days, less is more i think

    im still on the DS site
  15. Shrygue's Avatar
    Well why don't you be a bit more selective like me? No need to post everything new out there (especially on the commercial news), just pick the more interesting stuff that would most likely appeal to users. Saves times that way I say.
  16. wraggster's Avatar
    why do i post so much news, taking fookin ages the ds site is
  17. wraggster's Avatar
    yeah ive never seen such a gifted team of passers, chelsea were great against them the other year but the ref was an arse who wouldnt give chelsea the penalties they deserved
  18. wraggster's Avatar
    yeah gotta keep going, i need to catch up on news then sort out the fun stuff :P
  19. Shrygue's Avatar
    Well you've been working your ass off trying to get the news posts in all sites to the blog pages. You should take time out, give yourself a rest and have a nice cup of tea at least before doing more.
  20. Martin's Avatar
    I think you need to play very aggressive (high pressure) against them, which is of course no easy task since they're so skilled. But you can't let them have the ball for 60-70% of the match because they'll eventually destroy you.
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