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  1. Wiiflow 4.1 + Forwarder vWii

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    FIX94 seems determined not to take a break this holiday season and therefore proposes, on the eve of the end of the year, the last of his famous 2012 vintage USB loader that gives pride to the coverflow. Program, full of new things and solving some annoying bugs.
    Citation :
    Lets begin the new year with wiiflow 4.1
    This time you dont just get bugfixes, also some cool new features and
    modifcations are there
    At first, you have a new menu in the global settings, page 2,
  2. XeBuild GUI 2.089 : support DashLaunch 3.06

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    Swizzy us with a new version of its application Xebuild GUI interface has now become the official application from the command line XeBuild.

    New / fixed: - Now uses Dashlaunch 3.6 - Identifies the type now DGX FreeBoot for consoles (only with CB 9231 Slim (Trinity) or 13181 (Corona) and does not 4GB Corona) - Fixed file used to create of Nands FreeBoot Slim GUI XeBuild 2089

  3. DashLaunch 3.06

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    Coz, the famous developer of the Xbox360 scene is back tonight to give us a new version of the flagship application console Jtag / RGH, we speak of course DashLaunch.

    New / fixed: - Fixed the boot when not in use fakeanim (thanks mass3n!) - Fix hddalive (thanks moulder!)

  4. Xkey Firmware v1.30

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    Team XKEY updates its ODDE passing in version 1.30 Change. - Added HDDKeepAlive in the CFG (kick hdd every "X" seconds) (a set in the cfg.) - Added configuration information " xkey.cfg "menu iso. XKEY Firmware v1.30 Official website: http://www.x360keyforum.com/viewforum.php?f=3

  5. 3 Wii homebrew updates

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    The excellent coder ThatotherDev has just posted this news on his website:

    Iíve updated three more of my older games. Cylinder Dodge now has an online leader board and all three of them have the latest home menu.
    CylinderDodge v1.1
    HeroCity v0.6
    SlimeRoll v0.3

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