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  1. Super Mario 3D Land has SMB3 "at its core"

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    Whereas New Super Mario Bros. Wii had SNES classic Super Mario World "at its core", Nintendo's forthcoming Super Mario 3D Land deliberately harks back to NES landmark Super Mario Bros. 3, according to creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
    The Nintendo veteran told Famitsu (as translated by 1Up) that's a result of the NES classic's Tanooki suit being a natural fit for 3D gameplay.
    "Part of that is because a lot of the staff is from the Mario 3 generation, but there's also the fact
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  2. Nottingham Forest Back to the Premier League

    Come on you reds, far too long we have been away from the top flight, lets hope we can do it this year, i can see derby going into the relegation zone the way they are going.
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