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    hey that's great news. Looking forward to this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Good to see this here. Keep updating.

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    I was playing the game last night and It's not bad at all. It's got very nice graphics. Their McDonald's game one is funny too.
  4. MichelleJohnson's Avatar
    I was eagerly waiting for the movie's re-release. Hope, there would be something new and interesting to watch for.

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    interesting post.

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    Liked the color and more liking and excitement came for this Boomerang Mario.
  7. Deanetoth's Avatar
    Does all details will available on konami's website?
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    I think the this one more than meets the eye? War For Cybertron has just been announced for next year, with developer High Moon Studios back on board. This is really a wonderful blog.
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    It's really good, I never expected it to be so good.

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    When I saw the news that says about the engagement of the royal couple, I was happy and excited because another historical event that will happen again. It was a little bit surprising how two people meet regardless of their status in life. Then last April 29,2011, Friday they finally exchanged their vows at London's Westminster Abbey. This event was one for the books, you could not have taken out a payday advance to attend in person if you wanted to.
  13. Fonixx's Avatar
    Well yeah that's exactly what i meant, a tourist attraction. they just wheel them out because the tourists like the idea of Royalty and that brings the profit in, but there's no way in Hell i'd ever say that institutional elitism is a good thing, because it goes against everything I believe in about earning your position in society and not just winning some genetic lottery, so on 1 side I agree Britain offer to keep our image of traditionalism because without that image our economy would take a massive nose-dive but on the other I wish society could change so we could just get rid of the lot of them and try to survive with the normal upper classes.
  14. Kaiser's Avatar
    Both replies I disagree with wholeheartedly but VampDude's is outright offensive and factually incorrect. I'm not going to go into the political benefits the monarchy gives the Westminster system of governance but I'll start where every ignorant republican usually starts their argument over abolishing the monarchy, good old money.

    First of all the Royal Family MAKES money for the commonwealth realms (particularly Britain). The Royal Family adds around 200+ million dollars of profit that their estates earn directly into the yearly budget of the UK and this doesn't take into consideration the extra money they pump into the economy via tourism, memorabilia et cetera.

    Tyrants? You do understand you vote for your government in the UK? The monarchy is apolitical and doesn't meddle into the affairs of the government. By the government I mean the PMO and the cabinet surrounding it. If you have an issue with how your country is being run than take it up with the governing politicians. Also, please tell me how Prince William marrying Kate caused the tyrannical governments of China and Libya from murdering their own people as well.

    I'd also love to see a wedding costing £40billion. That's an absolutely ridiculous claim. If anything the wedding pumped a hundred times (a VERY conservative guess) more into the British economy than it took out. The Royal Family also footed the overwhelming majority of the bill themselves btw, only the security was paid for by the state.

    Long live the monarchy and whatnot, I pray it's never abolished in Canada nor Britain.
  15. VampDude's Avatar
    The royal family are nothing but tyrants, which a majority of the country couldn't care less about the wedding.

    But there are those wondering why the wedding cost £40billion of our tax money, the royal family is all about war and greed.

  16. Fonixx's Avatar
    I live in UK and we probably have less interest in our royal family than nearly any other country, I mean we the ones that have to fund that highest form of institutional elitism just so they can be a face to bring in the tourists and now watch that Kate be nothing more than a clothes horse and baby machine.
  17. Fonixx's Avatar
    Well that was a long read.
    The simple answer is they just gonna do exactly the same as every other Halo game, because since Halo 1 it's never changed, evolved or had any noticeable story difference, so just put tracing paper over the old games and the fans will buy anything they make.
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    smart bast
  19. wraggster's Avatar
    im just drinking my alcoholic Ginger beer, goes down a treat
  20. guymelef's Avatar
    If it meant less down time, then you are doing god's work.
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