1. Wii 2 Rumor Run-Down/ Predictions of What to Expect

    Details just keep flying out from every source known to man about what the big N has up its sleeve. With so much news its getting a little hard to keep your facts straight. Thatís what this article is for. Hereís a rundown of what to expect and whatís just hearsay.
  2. Opening the Flood-Gates for User Submitted Articles

    NextGenRetro is now an open blog, folks. Basically that means any registered user will be able to write an article for the site. Once an article is submitted it will be looked approved, or not, by an editor or admin. The point of this is that now anyone with something on their mind has a place to voice themselves. A place that will allow an article to get thousands of views.

    Head over to NGR and voice yourselves!
  3. Want to Know if You Should Buy a 3DS? Read This Review?

    Joseph Parton of NGR: As any avid gamer knows, Nintendo released their newest foray in to the handheld market, the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS marks one of the pioneer voyages in to the realm of glasses-free 3D. The system released this past Sunday and has already set sales records. However, the biggest question on many peopleís mind is whether they should buy one or not. I have recently had ...
  4. NGR's Exclusive Interview With the Man Who Made Kinect Work With PS3

    Youtube user and all-around cool guy shantzg001 was kind enough to answer some of my questions about his recent project that resulted in the unholy union of Kinect and a PS3 over a youtube message. Hereís what was said:
  5. who wants free beta codes for a FB Dragon Age game?

    NGR is giving away beta codes @

    Free to enter and only takes a second!
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