1. Today, I played Sonic the Hedgehog 4... For the very first time.

    Yes, you read correctly... "The very first time", thanks to the U.S. PlayStation Store having the demo, which for some reason the UK store does not (I've even searched for it many times).

    Anyway, I played through the first level demo with my SEGA Saturn controller (I now refuse to play a Sonic game with a non-SEGA controller) and was quite impressed with the demo overall. Although, it was ruined by the adding of the lock-on targeting, which did not exist pre-SonicAdventure. ...
  2. SEGA VINTAGE COLLECTION - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Woah, just when you thought the 19 year old classic couldn't get any better...

    SONY released it as part of their Vintage SEGA promotion thing they've got for quite a few months, which including a mode that will prove quite popular amongst Sonic's fans, since not everyone has a willing second player on-hand these days.

    The 2 Player mode, has now got an online mode... Just think, SEGA could have pulled this out for the Dreamcast and it would have been awesome.
  3. Endless hours of fun...

    Creating my own Smash Bros. in Little Big Planet 2.

    Although the "controlinator" seems not to work so well in my favour, but still hours wasted, having fun.

    Mario is singed.
  4. Awesome...

    My UK version of Little Big Planet 2 arrived today, making way for my item transfer from the first game to the second.

    Originally, I've got the U.S. "Collector's Edition" of Little Big Planet 2, but the item transfer does not function from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. Both versions will make a nice addition to my collection, until I've collected all (or most of) the trophies from the U.S. version.

    For anyone torn between the two versions, I would suggest the U.S. ...
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