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Iron Brigade out this month

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Iron Brigade, known outside Europe as Trenched, will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on November 30.
The European release of Double Fine's mech tower defence game was held up due to a trademark dispute, with a Portuguese designer claiming that, under the name Trenched, the game would violate his trademark for a war-themed board game called Trench.
A post on Double Fine's website, apparently from studio head Tim Schafer, reads: "Sorry, but we had to wait for this whole Greek debt thing to get resolved. Also, Brad [Muir, project lead] was really upset about the state of Italian politics, and vowed he wouldn't release his game in Europe until Silvio Berlusconi stepped down. You can understand his feelings, I'm sure."
When Iron Brigade launches, a title update will be pushed out that changes the game's name worldwide - a necessary evil to ensure multiplayer compatibility between territories. A new survival mode, and extra loot, will also be released for free with a DLC pack, Rise Of The Martian Bear, to be released in the months to come.
"Now we want children of the world to gather together, hold hands, and say 'Iron Brigade' over and over and over again until they can't even remember what it was called any more," Schafer writes. "And then we want them to shoot Tubes together while sharing information about their disparate cultures."
Earler this week Muir said the game was "really close" to clearing Microsoft's infamous certification process, but said the number of departments the game had to be approved by following the trademark dispute was "pretty ridiculous...Xbox Live is a very complex machine."


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