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Soywiz's Psp Emulator Git (2012/11/29)

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Soywiz's Psp Emulator Git (2012/11/29) is compiled. Soywiz's Psp Emulator is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator, emulator for windows. This emulator born as a proof of concept of an emulator made in D. Now it's getting more and more compatible with homebrew, and gaining in features and speed. The emulator was based in it's first version on great Noxa's C# pspplayer emulator.

Soywiz's Psp Emulator Git Changelog:
* - Refactorings on MipsAssembler to support vrot
- Implemented vfpu instructions: vrot, vmidt, vmzero, vmone, vmmov, vmmul
* - Reimplemented Vfpu lv.q
* - Reimplemented vfpu: sv.q
- Some cleanups
- Added translation for "Utils: Enable &Ast optimizations"
- Fixed forever-loop test that prevented from running all tests
- Fixed some tests
* - Add menu option to enable AstOptimizations (enabled by default)
- Disabled jump labels (for now) it seems that cause lots of bugs so I have to figure out why
* - Some improvements
* - Now the whole cpu is using the AST
* - Small shortcut for generating HleModuleHost.Proxy
* - Converted HleModuleHost.Proxy to AST
* - WIP transforming HleModuleHost.Proxy to AST
* - First pseudo-safe commit
- Removed some old code
* - More vfpu to AST
* - More work on opengl|es implementation
- Support for prefixes on assembler
- Changed some vfpu opcodes to the AST: vadd, vsub, vdiv, vmul
- Implemented vfpu prefixes on AST
* - Updated libraries
* - Fixed an HUGE bug that resets the whole memory while running (that's because the FastPspMemory.Dispose resets the memory and if you have two instances with the same base address (because it is common to all instances), it zeroes the whole memory causing a crash + black screen)
- Added angle gles for x64
- Changed the system to load libraries from x86/x64 folder
- Enabled LWL/LWR optimizer again
- Enabled ALLOW_FAST_MEMORY on CpuEmitter so read and write operations can just use pointers
- Fixed INS instruction
- Small fixes and changes
- Fixed vuc2i
- Added a page guard between memory
- Changed Tests to work with the host0: way
* - Removed Implementation projects. Now all the code is included directly on the Audio/Gpu project
* - Started vfpu assembler
- Added some vfpu utilities
* - Some VFpu fixes
* - Small refactorings and cleanups
* - Removed "CpuEmitter.AnalyzePCEvent" this won't be used with the new system when completed.
- Converted CpuEmiiter.Branches to the new ast system (still lacks the delayed branch part)


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