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psTwit BETA 5.0

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If you are looking for a PSP Twitter Application for your PSP System , Then look no further as a homebrew twitter application known as psTwit is now available to the PlayStation Homebrew community for homebrew enable psp system . This awesome well done homebrew application has been updated to Beta 5 , Even though is still in beta stages, The homebrew application itself is pretty stable and users will find it very useful on their PSP system . Feel free to download this twitter application known as psTwit BETA 5.0 from our download section below . PSP Title

psTwit BETA 5.0
This is a Twitter client application can be used in PSP.
Since it is beta version is incomplete.
Because it uses extended memory is only PSP-2000/3000 . Version for the PSP-1000/PSVita will be released at a later date.
Beta5 New!
-App in the browser capability
Open the URL in the tweet.
-UserStream support
Is the implementation of a pilot.
Note: beta5 is a trial version . I think Beta 4 is stable .
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