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Open CMA 5 (Compatible with all 2.00+ firmwares)

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Open CMA has finally been fixed to work on the new firmwares.

After the recently released 2.00 and 2.01 firmware updates for the PlayStation Vita, Open CMA versions 4.5 and below no longer worked due to Sony’s new changes. However, now a new version, Open CMA 5, has been made by Virtuous Flame to work with the newest Vita firmwares. It’s recommend you download and use it, if you are on firmwares higher than 1.81. Open CMA 5 will only work on 2.00 and higher, so if you are on firmwares 1.81 and below continue and/or use my existing Open CMA 4.5 version. You can find the download for Open CMA 5 below with a description of what Open CMA is for those of you who need clarification or are new.

What is Open CMA?

Open CMA is the content manager assistant to copy files to the Vita. Open CMA is the same as the official Sony version but modified, so that you can copy files without any internet connection unlike the official Sony CMA which requires a constant internet connection to the Sony Servers, something that can be inconvenient It will also not sneak a patch or do a forced firmware update on your device if one comes out and it will not send any data to Sony or their servers about whats being copied, edited, and transferred. Open CMA also does not collect data regarding crashes.

In General it:

1. Allows offline transfers on either PC or Vita.
2. Allows lower firmwares to transfer. (Open CMA 5 works on 2.00+ Only)
3. Disallows the sending of information to Sony.
4. No contact to Sony’s servers.
5. Open CMA prevents CMA from auto updates or mandatory updates.
6. It also allows you to transfer anything black listed, it doesn’t check their servers to confirm if its on the PSN.
7. Lets you copy Homebrew, ISO/CSO to use with an exploit with less errors.

How to Install VF’s Open CMA 5

1. Download the latest verision of the Official CMA

2. Apply VF”s Open CMA 5 patch in the same folder as the official one

3. Run .bat and then setdll.exe

Download Open CMA 5: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tq3hjebc238p535

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