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Virtuous Flame introduces Vita eCFW ARK

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Developer Virtuous Flame, the dev behind many projects including the recent Open CMA, just recently revealed some information on Chinese scene site duowan.com about a kernel exploit and Vita eCFW (a Custom Firmware running on the Vita within the PSP emulator) heís been working on, dubbed ARK.

Virtuous Flame revealed that he has access to another working kernel exploit other than that of Frostegaterís, working on 2.02 and running his own version of a eCFW. This is extremely good news considering kernel exploits in the psp emu can be hard to come by, itís always good to have more.

Virtuous Flameís eCFW ARK is something similar to that of Total_Noobís CEF. Virtuous Flame is already hard at work on a new eCFW Ark through a new kernel exploit, on the latest Vita 2.02 official firmware update.

ARK along with this exploit has some advantages compared to TN-C such as a neat feature of being able to instantly go into loading into the eCFW ISO menu instead of having to load the save data (note: this is most likely a feature of the game used for the exploit rather than ARK itself), like what we have seen with other exploits. Another advantage is that game compatibility and homebrew/emulator compatibility seems to be on par with TN-C, if not extremely better. The release date seems a bit unclear for now, especially with Frostegaterís upcoming exploit release.

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