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Far Cry 3 ten times larger than FC2

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If you played either of the previous Far Cry games you will remember them for having vast open environments for you to explore. And Ubisoft promises Far Cry 3 will be even bigger. Much bigger.

"If you look at the vistas and the scale of Far Cry 1 and 2, take that and multiply it by ten," narrative director Jason VandenBerghe to Edge when trying to offer an idea of the new game's scale.

That's pretty big then, but VandenBerghe also promises this won't just be an open, empty expanse either. "We want to take that even further. We're focusing on taking that scale and making it dense, so that around every corner there's something to find or see."

He went on: "That's a key in open-world experiences. We ask ourselves: if there wasn't anyone to shoot in the game, could it still be fun?"

Ubisoft Montreal says it can "definitely" replicate the stunning Far Cry 3 experience shown running on PC at E3 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Speaking to CVG in LA last month, producer Dan Hay said his development team is aiming to have the shooter looking "incredible" on PS3 and "fantastic" on Xbox 360 - but PC players will be able to "dial it to 11"...


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