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Yet another upgrade has started taking roots here at DCemu!

The final tweaks have been made to our new DOWNLOADS section to allow all types of users to help DCEmu build the greatest collection of Emulation and Homebrew related files for home consoles and handhelds on the web. We're calling on the entire community to help us with this task since there is literally thousands of files out there and hidden in our very own forums now. Even a lot of the releases that were were initially posted on this very site's forums have yet to be uploaded.

All established staff, coders, news posters and trusted users have access to uploading to the download section and we ask them now to help us out if they can. Don't think this leaves out the regular registered user though, as you can help too. Throw us a link to your favourite downloads from the past, either from our own forums or outside sources on the comments section in this news post. Make sure to include the console the file is intended for and the type of file it is (e.g. emulator, homebrew game or whatever). You can even help us further by giving us a short description of the file by including things such as an excerpt from the changelog or something along those lines. Remember though, no warez or programs used to play pirated versions of commercial games released for that console. Even if it isn't necessarily illegal we don't want to host that kind of stuff here.

If you prove reliable enough, DCEmu will expand it's trusted user list and give you direct access to uploading into our Downloads section!.

Thanks in Advance folks.

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