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Twisted Metal delayed until 2012

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PlayStation 3 car combat revival Twisted Metal has been pushed back from its planned October launch to "early 2012", Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe has announced.
According to a post from the big man over on thePlayStation Blog, publisher Sony has graciously given the developer "the extra time needed to polish our demented baby until it shines."
"There's a great, classic industry saying by legendary Nintendo designer and personal hero Shigeru Miyamoto," Jaffe added, "that goes a little something like this: 'A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time.'
"Now, if we shipped Twisted Metal tomorrow going off the response from folks who have played it I assure you, it would never be a bad game. Not even close. But we're aiming for a heck of a lot more than that!
"With Twisted Metal we plan to ship a multiplayer classic. We plan to ship the best Twisted Metal ever made. We plan to convert a lot of folks who think vehicle combat is a relic best left to '90s nostalgia. And we plan to explode the belief that the only relevant kind of shooter is a first person one.
"Most importantly, we plan on treating you the kind folks who play our game (and pay our bills) like the VIPs that you are. You only deserve our best and we appreciate your understanding as we take a little more time to guarantee that our best is what we deliver."
For more on Jaffe's latest, give Eurogamer's recent Twisted Metal preview a once-over.

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