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    by Published on January 4th, 2021 18:18
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    Apple removed 39,000 mobile games from the Chinese iOS App Store on New Year's Eve as it completed its crackdown on unlicensed titles.
    Reuters reports it is the biggest removal ever to occur in a single day, and was carried out alongside the removal of 46,000 non-games apps.
    The publication cites research firm Qimai, which claims only 74 of the top 1,500 paid games on iOS avoided removal.
    Among the games affected were Assassin's Creed Identity and NBA 2K20, the firm claims.
    Apple has been clamping down on all titles that did not have a valid publishing number -- or ISBN (International Standard Book Number) -- from China's National Press and Publication Administration, the government body that handles approval for game releases.

    Apple removes 39,000 games from China store in biggest single-day takedown | GamesIndustry.biz
    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 12:50
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    2. Nintendo DS News

    melonDS v0.9.1 is released. melonDS is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator. melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of. Either way, check them out!

    melonDS Features:
    * almost-complete 2D graphics
    * 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
    * input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
    * backup memory
    * booting from the BIOS
    * resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

    melonDS Changelog:
    add fullscreen hotkey
    remove hardcoded F11-debug key (oops)
    fix some gaps in the IO handlers
    add ability to run unlaunch'd DSi NANDs
    add preliminary camera support (feeds fixed stripe pattern)
    fix potential bugs with tight timers (fixes ZXDS)
    SPU: small optimization to the mixer
    better framerate limiter
    fix several JIT issues
    GPU: lay bases for EVIL PLANS
    GPU: emulate separate scroll register for 3D layer scrolling
    some corrections to the ROM savetype list
    a bunch of misc fixes, as usual


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/12/melonds-v091.html ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 12:07
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    Gearboy v3.2.0 is released. Gearboy is a Nintendo Game Boy emulator written in C++. The emulator is focused on readability of source code, but nevertheless it has good compatibility. A lot of effort has gone into this in order to follow OOP and keep it as simple as possible.

    Gearboy Features:
    - Highly accurate CPU emulation, passes cpu_instrs.gb from blargg's tests.
    - Accurate instruction and memory timing, passes instr_timing.gb and mem_timing.gb from blargg's tests.
    - Memory Bank Controllers (MBC1, MBC2, MBC3 with RTC, MBC5), ROM + RAM and multicart cartridges.
    - Accurate LCD controller emulation. Background, window and sprites, with correct timings and priorities including mid-scanline timing.
    - Mix frames: Mimics the LCD ghosting effect seen in the original Game Boy.
    - Sound emulation using SDL Audio and Gb_Snd_Emu library.
    - Game Boy Color support.
    - Integrated disassembler. It can dump the full disassembled memory to a text file or access it in real time.
    - Saves battery powered RAM cartridges to file.
    - Save states.
    - Compressed rom support (ZIP deflate).
    - Game Genie and GameShark cheat support.
    - Multi platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, iOS and as a libretro core (RetroArch).


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/12/gearboy-v320.html ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:58
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    3. PC News,
    4. Sega Game Gear News,
    5. Sega Master System News

    GearSystem v3.2.0 is released. GearSystem is a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator written in C++ that runs on iOS, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows and Linux. The main focus of this emulator is readability of source code with very high compatibility.

    - Highly accurate Z80 core.
    - Multi-Mapper support: SEGA, Codemasters, and ROM only cartridges.
    - External RAM support with save files.
    - Automatic region detection: NTSC-JAP, NTSC-USA, PAL-EUR.
    - SMS2 only 224 mode support.
    - Internal database for rom detection.
    - Sound emulation using SDL Audio and Sms_Snd_Emu library.
    - Integrated disassembler. It can dump the full disassembled memory to a text file or access it in real time.
    - Compressed rom support (ZIP deflate).
    - Multi platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and iOS.


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/12/gearsystem-v320.html ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:54
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    2. PC News

    MAME v0.227 is released. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

    What's news in MAME:
    0.227 2020-12-31
    MAME Testers Bugs Fixed
    - 01807: [Graphics] (undrfire.cpp) cbombers: Some graphics are missing in attract mode. (cam900)
    - 04905: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (champbwl.cpp) champbwl: Video offset to the left when flip screen is enabled. (Ivan Vangelista)
    - 05701: [Documentation] (model2.cpp) daytona and clones: System descriptions are not entirely accurate. (ArtLine)
    - 07119: [Gameplay] (rampart.cpp) rampart, maybe rampartj and rampart2p: Late-game protection issues. (O. Galibert)
    - 07435: [Save/Restore] Vector: Vector Many games do not return stably from save state. (Vas Crabb)
    - 07746: [Compiling] macOS 11: Compiling on the Apple AArch64 DTK fails. (Miodrag Milanović)
    - 07757: [Documentation] (vegas.cpp) nbashowt: Release year is incorrect. (PepsiBoy428)
    - 07778: [Crash/Freeze] (vicdual.cpp) carnivalh, carnivalha: Game crashes after clearing first round. (David Haywood)
    - 07782: [Documentation] (stv.cpp) ffreveng, ffrevng10: This game displays two different titles for two different markets. (Fortuna)
    - 07783: [DIP/Input] (meadows.cpp) bowl3d: Some DIP switches labelled as Unused affect gameplay. (terencew)
    - 07784: [Gameplay] (vulgus.cpp) vulgus and clones: Excessive verbose logging can cause performance issues. (Robbbert)
    - 07785: [Documentation] (neogeo.cpp) marukodq: Title is not correct. (J.J.Boy)
    - 07786: [Documentation] (metro.cpp) karatourj: Title is not correct. (J.J.Boy)
    - 07790: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) propcycl: Zoom effect on score entry screen is misaligned. (hap)
    - 07792: [Graphics] (segas16a.cpp) quartet, quarteta, quartet2, quartet2a: Moving floors are not displayed. (David Haywood)
    - 07796: [Misc.] (megasys1.cpp) stdragon: High scores higher than one million points are not displayed correctly. (Carl)
    - 07799: [Gameplay] (seattle.cpp) blitz99: Attract mode skips over animations. (Ted Green)
    - 07803: [Sound] (m63.cpp) fghtbskt: AY-3-8910 sound is missing. (Ivan Vangelista)
    - 07808: [Sound] (bwidow.cpp) spacduel, spacduel0, spacduel1: Some sounds are missing. (Tafoid)
    - 07812: [DIP/Input] (quizpun2.cpp) quizpun2: Test mode doesn’t work. (AJR)
    - 07813: [DIP/Input] (ksys573.cpp) gchgchmp: Player 2 Up and Right inputs are swapped. (danylopez123)
    - 07815: [Sound] (balsente.cpp) sentetst: Sente Diagnostic Cartridge: Fails Sound Board Test. (AJR)
    - 07817: [Crash/Freeze] (stfight.cpp) empcityfr: Game locks up at start. (Ivan Vangelista)
    - 07820: [DIP/Input] (model1.cpp) wingwar360: Throttle (Pedal 1) doesn’t work at all. (Ivan Vangelista)
    New working machines
    Black Touch II (Korea) [Jorge Silva, Fernando Oliveira, David Haywood]
    dreamGEAR / JungleTac Plug 'N' Play 50-in-1 (DGUN-853) [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
    dreamGEAR My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player (DGUNL-3227) [Sean Riddle]
    dreamGEAR My Arcade Retro Micro Controller - 220 Built-In Video Games (DGUN-2869) [Zup, TeamEurope, Sean Riddle]
    Excalibur / Nice Code The New York Times Sudoku [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
    Hewlett-Packard HP 2641A [Gavin Scott, F.Ulivi]
    Ingo Devices SL / Senca Code Lyoko (25-in-1 handheld) [KaruzoHikari, TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    LexiBook / JungleTac / NiceCode Cyber Console Center 200-in-1 (JL2050) [TeamEurope, taizou]
    Lexibook / JungleTac Lexibook JG7410 100-in-1 [David Haywood, TeamEurope]
    MSI / Capcom / Sega Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (MSI Plug & Play) (Europe) [TeamEurope]
    Nice Code 6-in-1 Sudoku Plug & Play [David Haywood, Sean Riddle]
    Novag Super Nova (Novag) [hap, Berger]
    The Open University Hektor II [Nigel Barnes, Binary Dinosaurs, Centre for Computing History]
    Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 25-in-1 (VT03 hardware) [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
    Tsurikko Penta [Phil Bennett, MetalliC, R. Belmont]
    Ultimate Products / TaiKee Plug 'N' Play Rockstar Guitar / Guitar Rock (PAL) [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, TeamEurope]
    Waveblaster-based expander [O. Galibert]
    WinFun / JungleTac Joypad 65 [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
    WinFun / JungleTac Joystick 30 [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
    New working clones


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/12/mame-v0227.html ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:34
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    For far too long, the Battle Mode in Mario Kart 64 has been limited to one elimination game mode where each player has 3 balloons, 4 courses, and only playing against human players. Battle Mode had so much untapped potential, just waiting to be unlocked.
    Battle Kart 64 is an exciting new hack by Triclon that greatly expands and adds all sorts of new goodies to Battle Mode in Mario Kart 64, breathing new life into this 20+ year old multiplayer experience.
    New Game Modes!

    • An expanded traditional battle mode.
    • “Hot Potato” featuring a timer on whoever was hit last and counts down to zero. Whoever is the “hot potato” when the timer reaches zero loses 1 HP.
    • “Squish” where you need to hit, lightning shrink, and then run over the shrunken player to score.

    New Scoring Modes!

    • Stock scoring where you can now set set the number of hit points, instead of just having 3 balloons.
    • Timed matches where whoever has the least amount of hits when the timer reaches zero wins. Ties go to sudden death.
    • Team matches of 2 vs. 2 or 2 vs. 1 with both point and time scoring.

    All the race courses now will load in Battle Mode!

    • All 16 race courses can now be played in Battle Mode.
    • Great for Koopa Troopa Beach or Kalamari Desert.

    Item toggling!

    • You can turn items on and off like in Super Smash Bros.
    • Hate stars? Just turn them off.

    CPU bots in Battle Mode!

    • Now you can play battle mode by yourself.
    • A lot of work has gone into making bots that will actually track you down and aim their items at you.
    • Best played in Block Fort or Double Deck or on wide open race courses.

    And a whole slew of other options!

    • Flat courses!
    • Ludicrous speed!
    • And more!!

    Battle Kart 64 will continue to be under active development so the future will bring even more game modes and features.

    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:33
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    2. PS1 News

    A few years ago when Digimon World 2 was released, it was an incredible experience, but of course, there were a lot of things missing in the game that were never released in the final version.
    This Improvement Hack adds a lot of things that were in the game, but never activated, fixes wrong models and sprites, translates Japanese removed tech and activates them in the game and finally adds extra features.
    New Features!

    • BlackWarGreymon added on Kimeramon Trio in Tera Domain’s 99th floor
    • BlackWarGreymon’s TERRA DESTROYER tech added
    • BlackWarGreymon is VERY HARD and STRONGEST BOSS
    • BlackWarGreymon is not capturable
    • Exit Game menu added in Digital City
    • Extra Dungeon “Dark Tower” added in Kernel Zone
    • MaxDrive and Chips are now buyable in Device Dome
    • Chaos-WarGreymon is now available in Dark Tower
    • Chaos-MetalSeadramon is now available in Dark Tower
    • Chaos-Pierrotmon is now available in Dark Tower
    • Sub-boss ChaosLord is now available in Dark Tower
    • NeoCrimson is now available in Dark Tower
    • Virus Guardian is now available in Dark Tower
    • Data Guardian is now available in Dark Tower
    • Vaccine Guardian is now available in Dark Tower
    • OverLord GAIA 1st Form is now available in Dark Tower
    • OverLord GAIA 2nd Form is now available in Dark Tower

    Features Restored!

    • PocketStation Mode added from Japanese version

    Some Fixes!

    • Fixed wrong sprites model on Baihumon, Omnimon and Diaboromon
    • Fixed original tech on Baihumon, Omnimon and Diaboromon

    Translated Japanese tech and activated in game!

    • せいどうほう to Bronze cannon
    • てっこそう to Iron Claws
    • オメガヒール to Omega Heal
    • パラダイスロスト to Paradise Lost

    Features never activated in the game, but files was inside the disc

    • Kimeramon activated and available on Tera Domain’s 99th Floor
    • Kimeramon now have you proper sprite model
    • Sharmamon activated and available
    • ModikiBetamon activated and available
    • Zassomon activated and available
    • Psychemon activated and available
    • Aruraumon activated and available
    • Muchomon activated and available
    • Geremon activated and available
    • Fugamon activated and available
    • Sharmamon now can digivolve to Fugamon

    That’s all folks! Enjoy new challenges and enjoy even more this nostalgic experience from the past.


    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:31
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    2. Nintendo DS News

    This is the story of a man who has yet to realize what destiny holds in store for him..
    A full English translation of the 2008 NDS game Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (based on the hit anime of the same name) has been released!
    In the distant future, mankind has lived quietly and restlessly underground for hundreds of years, subject to earthquakes and cave-ins. Living in one such village are 2 young men: one named Simon who is shy and naïve, and the other named Kamina who believes in the existence of a “surface” world above their heads. The destiny of these two starts moving drastically when the ceiling of their village falls in, and a gigantic “Gunmen” and a beautiful girl named Yoko, wielding a superconductive rifle, come from the surface. Together, Kamina, Simon and Yoko ride the mecha “Lagann” that Simon digs out of the ground, and fly up to the surface!
    A retelling of the anime’s storyline, the game features some alternative and exclusive content, including 3 new characters and an extra ending.
    Fans may recognise two of the new characters, originally known as “Tetori” and “Ziggitalis” from the OVA (also known as Episode 5.5), which was bundled with the limited-edition release of the game and fan-subbed by Nyoro~n. In celebration of the patch release, they were remastered by the team and are available for download on Phantom’s tumblr.
    Full of the humour, action and the boundless optimism that made the anime a hit, this game is a must-play for new or old fans alike!


    by Published on January 3rd, 2021 11:21

    FIFA 21 reclaimed the UK top spot, having missed out on the coveted Christmas No.1 position last week.
    EA's football game rose in sales by 8% in terms of physical boxed copies only.
    That means last week's No.1, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, falls to No.2 after a 21% drop in sales week-on-week. With the chart going over the Christmas Day period, it's not entirely surprising to see sales fall for most games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons rises to No.3, despite sales falling 20% week-on-week, while Mario Kart 8: Deluxe jumps to No.4 despite an 8% dip. To round off the Top Five, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War drops from No.2 to No.5 after a 42% sales slip.
    The big new release of December, CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077, drops to No.8 after a 57% drop in sales. Remember, this is all purely based on physical game sales.
    Other games that make up the Top Ten include Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS4 and PS5 (which holds No.6 after a 31% sales drop), Just Dance 2021 (up one place to No.7 despite a 28% sales slide), Super Mario 3D All-Stars (up one to No.9 with sales down 25%) and Minecraft on Switch (up one to 10 after a sales fall of 26%).

    FIFA 21 reclaims No.1 from Assassin's Creed | UK Boxed Charts | GamesIndustry.biz
    by Published on December 24th, 2020 23:51

    No, this is not an out-of-season April Fools' joke (according to the press release at least); KFC is really launching a gaming console in partnership with Cooler Master. Named the KFConsole and designed after the Bargain Bucket, it seems to be somewhat akin to the Steam Machine or a PC gaming tower at the very least.

    The KFConsole campaign began on 11 June, went viral on Twitter and even earned a meme-worthy status on social media but apparently this new competitor in the gaming scene will indeed hit the market. Importantly, this machine is touted as featuring the world’s first built in chicken chamber to keep its contents hot, ready for consumption.

    KFC Gaming officially announces the KFConsole | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community ...

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