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    by Published on March 5th, 2021 14:20

    It wont be long before Covid-19 will be put to bed in the UK, we are looking at a June 21st date for the long awaited jump back to normality, being able to see friends, go to the Cinema, Got to the Pub, to eat out and see our friends. Until then we will have to do our best and stay indoors and maybe play games, i have posted about the top games to look out for in 2021 the year we finally put this once in a hundred years pandemic to sleep or we actually hope it will. So heres 4 trending games to look forward to in the year of covid.

    Halo Infinite

    The Halo franchise has been one of the best things about Microsofts Xbox consoles from the original Xbox to the Xb0x 360 then to the Xbox 1 and now for the Xbox Series X/S, it was supposed to be a launch game but trailers released show it still needs a little work, but one thing for sure is that Halo Infinite will be a major release of the year.

    Its now due for release in autumn of this year and the need for it to be the triple AAA game that Microsoft need to stop the Sony PS5 ruling the roost, Halo 5 was it has to be say a bit of a letdown, so Halo infinite really needs to kick start the series and be a killer release. time will tell for sure.

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

    Zelda the game that made the Nes, Snes, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU, Gameboy, Gameboy advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3ds and if my memory serves me correct it was also on the Virtual Boy, the Nintendo Switch in my personal opinion is the best console ever made, the ability to play as a standard game console or as a handheld is the perfect dream combination.

    So this isnt the Breath of the Wild 2 game that all true Zelda fans are craving for its the upgraded version of the Nintendo Wii Game and with the controls on the Nintendo Switch and updated graphics this will be like playing a new game, the idea of upscaling the graphics and tweaking older games where needed is a great idea because some of the best games of all time still play awesome today they just need the updated graphics, thankfully being able to skip say the motion control swordplay should make this a killer release and remember Nintendo dont usually drop the ball.

    New Pokemon Snap

    The Pokemon have been around since the earl days of Nintendo and spawned Movies Cartoons and a lot of games, always big releases they are surely one of the reasons Nintendo consoles are still here today, the last time we seen Pokemon Snap was on the N64 and its a great move to bring back a game that will work awesome on the Nintendo Switch, the game is going to closely follow the original but with the graphics update and a few tweaks this is going to be awesome.

    Mario Golf Super Rush

    The last time i remember playing a Mario Golf game was on the Nintendo Gamecube and for me the best ever Mario Golf game was Nes Open Tournament on the NES, that was an amazing game, this version of Mario Golf adds things like powerups and not to mention the graphics upgrade and also a story mode, its sure to be an awesome game

    So thats just a few games trending whats your faves coming soon. ...
    by Published on March 1st, 2021 15:51
    Article Preview

    4 Trending Games We Can't Wait to Play in 2021

    Get Your Game Face On!

    2020 has been a slow year. Even for the gaming world. Extension and delayed dates of release of many games were not welcomed very well. The silver lining was the two major consoles that were launched in 2020. We did see the release of some of the most anticipated games too, even if some ended up being disasters.

    Cooped in our houses, video games provided the medium as a creative and fun unifier. With music, arts and films blended together, gaming welcomed all types of people under its tent. Millions of people turned to a new pastime of Gaming! Mobile gamers, Console players, and gamers on PC rose all over the world.

    And now 2021 adds to the glory of gamers as more and more games are getting ready to be released. Take a look at our top four favorites:

    The Axiom Verge 2

    Release Date: Exact date not confirmed but definitely in 2021
    We definitely had to start with our favorite. Probably the best Metroidvania game made by only one person. Developed by Thomas Happ in 2015, it takes the player on a quest as a scientist, Trace. The task is to save an alien world from a mad man. Mentioned as the top 4 games to look forward to by the online game magazine, Gramno, this one has really got us excited. We hope it lives up to the hype.

    New Pokemon Snap

    Release Date: 30th April 2021
    Pokemon has been a favorite classic since 1999. This brings Pokemon to its 25 anniversary this year thereby marketing 2021 as a very important year for Pokemon. The release of Pokemon Snap this April 2021 is much awaited to see the Pokemons in new avatars. You will be photographing more than 200 pokemon on beaches, jungles, deserts, and many more places. Adding to the fun trip will be the task of investigating the mysterious Illumina phenomenon.
    P.S: And it gets better! There have been rumors of sequels of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining pearl in the latter half of this year.

    Resident Evil Village

    Release Date: 7th May 2021
    The zombie-like enemies attacking the player and a terrifying female antagonist? Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil 8, is a sequel to Resident Evil 7. It is set a few years after where Ethan goes in search of an answer after a visit from Chris Redfield. It leads him to a mansion occupied by a monster in a creepy village in Europe where he will unearth the answers he seeks.

    Hitman 3

    Released Already: 20th January 2021
    We know it has already been out and chances are you are already playing it. Agent 47, the shiny Assassin with a plethora of disguises and limitless ways of murdering you your target, is coming back up. Hitman 3 is the conclusion to the World of Assassins trilogy. Agent 47 returns to the most ruthless and deadly contract of his career. Diana Burnwood 47 and Lucas Grey join hands with him. The mission is to eliminate the partners of the Province.

    Take A Break And Have Some Fun!

    Gaming provides a great escape from our monotonous life. It gives you a chance to be on an adventure right from the comfort of your house! Nothing also beats the sense of accomplishment you get at the end of a long game. Go on, enjoy gaming this 2021!

    by Published on February 16th, 2021 21:04
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    Major tech firms are protesting against Nvidia's $40 billion acquisition of UK semiconductor firm Arm.
    The deal was announced back in September and is currently under review by antitrust regulators in the US, UK, European Union and China.
    Bloomberg reports several companies -- including Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm -- are asking for these regulators to intervene.
    According to the site's sources, at least one of these companies wants the deal to be stopped altogether.
    The concern centres around Arm's work providing semiconductors and essential chips to companies such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei and Intel.
    The firm currently provides its services to all clients across the tech industry, but the likes of Microsoft and Google are concerned that the acquisition would allow Nvidia to limit supply to rivals or increase prices.

    Nvidia acquisition of Arm under fire from Microsoft and Google | GamesIndustry.biz
    by Published on February 16th, 2021 21:03
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    Consumer spending in the US for PC gaming hardware and accessories reached $4.5 billion in 2020.
    That's a 62% increase compared to 2019, and more than double the total sales of 2017, NPD said in its latest report.
    Digital PC games content also grew 19% in 2020, reaching $7.5 billion in revenue. PC gaming accessories overall grew 81% year-on-year, while hardware grew 57%.
    All categories of gaming hardware and accessories encountered double-digital growth, NPD continued, with a particular boom for headsets, monitors and keyboards, likely driven by the working-from-home shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    PC gaming hardware and accessories spending grew 62% in the US in 2020 | GamesIndustry.biz
    by Published on January 25th, 2021 21:47
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    OpenTTD v1.11.0 beta1 is released. OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

    OpenTTD is modelled after the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer and enhances the game experience dramatically. Many features were inspired by TTDPatch while others are original.

    Significant enhancements from the original game include:
    bigger maps (up to 64 times in size)
    stable multiplayer mode for up to 255 players in 15 companies, or as spectators
    dedicated server mode and an in-game console for administration
    IPv6 and IPv4 support for all communication of the client and server
    in game downloading of AIs, NewGRFs, scenarios and heightmaps
    new pathfinding algorithms that makes vehicles go where you want them to
    autorail/-road build tool, improved terraforming
    canals, shiplifts, aqueducts
    larger, non-uniform stations and the ability to join them together
    mammoth and multi-headed trains
    different configurable models for acceleration of vehicles
    clone, autoreplace and autoupdate vehicles
    the possibility to build on slopes and coasts
    advanced/conditional orders, share and copy orders
    longer and higher bridges including several new designs, plus fully flexible tracks/roads under bridges
    reworked airport system with many more airports/heliports (e.g. international and metropolitan)
    presignals, semaphores, path based signalling
    support for TTDPatch NewGRF features offering many options for graphics and behaviour configuration/modification
    drive-through road stops for articulated road vehicles and trams
    multiple trees on one tile
    bribe the town authority
    many configuration settings to tune the game to your liking
    save games using zlib compression for smaller sizes, while not interrupting gameplay
    significant internationalisation support. OpenTTD has already been translated into over 50 languages
    dynamically created town names in 18 languages, plus NewGRF support for additional languages
    freely distributable graphics, sounds and music
    framework for custom (user) written AIs
    zooming further out in the normal view and zooming out in the small map
    Lots of effort has been put into making OpenTTD easy to use. These include:

    convert rail tool (to electrified rail, monorail, and maglev)
    drag&drop support for almost all tools (demolition, road/rail building/removing, stations, scenario editor, etc)
    sorting of most lists based on various criteria (vehicle, station, town, industries, etc.)
    mouse wheel support (scroll menus, zoom in/out)
    autoscroll when the mouse is near the edge of the screen/window
    sell whole train by dragging it to the dynamite trashcan
    cost estimation with the 'shift' key
    advanced options configuration window, change settings from within the game
    Graphical/interface features:

    screenshots can be in BMP, PNG or PCX format (select in game options menu)
    more currencies (including Euro introduction in 2002)
    extra viewports to view more parts of the game world at the same time
    resolution and refresh rate selection for fullscreen mode
    colourful newspaper after a certain date
    colour coded vehicle profits
    game speed increase (through fast forward button or by pressing the TAB key)
    snappy and sticky windows that always stay on top and neatly align themselves to other windows
    more hotkeys for even less mouse-clicking
    support for 32 bit graphics
    support for right-to-left languages
    support for other (sized) fonts where the user interface scales based on the font and translation

    OpenTTD Changelog:
    Feature: [GS] Ability to set some extra text in the industry window (#8576)
    Feature: Show rainforest under vegetation on smallmap (#8562)
    Feature: Automatically determine window size on new install (#8536)
    Feature: Towns can build tunnels (#8473)
    Feature: Make maximum length of town bridges depend on population (with a minimum limit of 4) (#8439)
    Feature: New icons for renaming and go-to-location on GUI windows, and improve consistency of usage (#8455)
    Feature: Support for ARM64 on Apple Silicon and Windows (#8340, #8577, #8583)
    Feature: Add an option to disable tree growth completely (#8415)
    Feature: Support for Emscripten (play-OpenTTD-in-the-browser!) (#8355)
    Feature: Show group name as part of the default vehicle name (#8307)
    Feature: "Frozen" economy setting that stops production changes and industry closures (#8282)
    Feature: New velocity unit "tiles/day" (#8278)
    Feature: Option to automatically remove signals when placing rail (#8274)
    Feature: Increase max possible distance from border for oil refineries and rigs (#8237)
    Feature: Improve tree planting window, and allow planting 'clumps' of trees by dragging in the scenario editor (#8234)
    Feature: Indian Rupee (INR) currency (#8136)
    Feature: [GS] Ability to give a company exclusive access to an industry (#8115)
    Feature: Hotkeys for Land Info window, News window & close error window (#8053, #8266)
    Feature: Improve rendering of large viewports (#7962)
    Feature: [GS] Influence industry production changes from GameScript (#7912)
    Feature: [GS] Push-buttons on storybook pages (#7896)
    Feature: Option to group vehicle lists by shared orders (#7028)
    Feature: Drag-and-drop vehicles in group GUI for shared order groups (#7028)
    Add: [GS] A tile parameter to GSCompany::ChangeBankBalance for showing changes more visually (#8573)
    Add: [NewGRF] Allow NewGRF vehicles to query the current rail/road/tram ...
    by Published on January 25th, 2021 21:34
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    Gopher2600 v0.8.1 is released. Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. Whilst the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators it is none-the-less suitable for playing games, on a reasonably modern computer, at the required 60fps. (The development machine for Gopher2600 has been an i3-3225, dating from around 2012.)

    Gopher2600 v0.8.1 changelog:
    Performance improvements
    - significant speed increase for ARM emulation
    - particularly noticeble for large ARM programs
    - small TIA speed improvements
    Screen resizing improved
    MNetwork (E7) fingerprinting improved. Now catches more ROMs
    created in the modern era (ie. Congo Bongo Demo)


    http://www.emucr.com/2021/01/gopher2600-v081.html ...
    by Published on January 25th, 2021 21:31
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    Steem SSE Steem SSE v4.0.2 R30 is released. Steem is an emulator for the Atari STE computer created many years ago by Anthony and Russell Hayward. Steem SSE is a new version of Steem based on this release. 'SSE' stands for 'Steven Seagal Edition'. Steven Seagal is a well known Aikido grandmaster, action movie star, musician and playboy.


    http://www.emucr.com/2021/01/steem-sse-v402-r30.html ...
    by Published on January 25th, 2021 21:29

    This week New York Magazine featured a new article by journalist David Wallace-Wells about the state of the fight against global warming.

    He warns that "Already, the planet is warmer, at just 1.2 degrees, than it has ever been..." But there's also some good news:Just a half-decade ago, it was widely believed that a "business as usual" emissions path would bring the planet four or five degrees of warming — enough to make large parts of Earth effectively uninhabitable. Now, thanks to the rapid death of coal, the revolution in the price of renewable energy, and a global climate politics forged by a generational awakening, the expectation is for about three degrees. Recent pledges could bring us closer to two. All of these projections sketch a hazardous and unequal future, and all are clouded with uncertainties — about the climate system, about technology, about the dexterity and intensity of human response, about how inequitably the most punishing impacts will be distributed. Yet if each half-degree of warming marks an entirely different level of suffering, we appear to have shaved a few of them off our likeliest end stage in not much time at all.

    The next half-degrees will be harder to shave off, and the most crucial increment — getting from two degrees to 1.5 — perhaps impossible, dashing the dream of avoiding what was long described as "catastrophic" change. But for a climate alarmist like me, seeing clearly the state of the planet's future now requires a conspicuous kind of double vision, in which a guarded optimism seems perhaps as reasonable as panic. Given how long we've waited to move, what counts now as a best-case outcome remains grim. It also appears, miraculously, within reach....

    The price of solar energy has fallen ninefold over the past decade, as has the price of lithium batteries, critical to the growth of electric cars. The costs of utility-scale batteries, which could solve the "intermittency" (i.e., cloudy day) problem of renewables and help power whole cities in relatively short order, have fallen 70 percent since just 2015. Wind power is 40 percent cheaper than it was a decade ago, with offshore wind experiencing an even steeper decline. Overall, renewable energy is less expensive than dirty energy almost everywhere on the planet, and in many places it is simply cheaper to build new renewable capacity than to continue running the old fossil-fuel infrastructure. Oil demand and carbon emissions may both have peaked this year. Eighty percent of coal plants planned in Asia's developing countries have been shelved... [I]n the fall, the U.K. pledged to ban nonelectrics by 2030 — a once-unthinkable law coming both too slow and much more quickly than seemed possible not very long ago. Similar plans are now in place in 16 other countries, plus Massachusetts and California. Canada recently raised its tax on carbon sixfold. Italy cut its power-sector emissions 65 percent between 2012 and 2019, and Denmark is now aiming to reduce its overall emissions 70 percent by 2030...

    [F]or all their momentum, renewables still only make up 10 percent of global electricity production. But alarmists have to take the good news where they find it....

    The author also spoke to Pulitzer Prize-winner environmentalist author Elizabeth Kolbert about her new book Under a White Sky:In her book, Kolbert sketches a spectrum of interventions, from electrifying rivers to using CRISPR to save endangered species to solar geoengineering, often called "solar-radiation management," by which aerosol particles are suspended in the stratosphere to deflect some sunlight back into outer space and artificially cool the planet. "There is a slippery slope here, you know?" she says. "And where does that end?

    "But there are not a lot of great choices. We're not returning to a preindustrial climate — not in my lifetime, not in your lifetime."

    by Published on January 25th, 2021 21:27

    Twitter unveiled a feature Monday meant to bolster its efforts to combat misinformation and disinformation by tapping users in a fashion similar to Wikipedia to flag potentially misleading tweets. From a report:The new system allows users to discuss and provide context to tweets they believe are misleading or false. The project, titled Birdwatch, is a standalone section of Twitter that will at first only be available to a small set of users, largely on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will not be provided to high-profile people or traditional fact-checkers, but users will have to use an account tied to a real phone number and email address.

    "Birdwatch allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading or false, and write notes that provide informative context," Twitter Vice President of Product Keith Coleman wrote in a press release. "We believe this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable." While Birdwatch will initially be cordoned off to a separate section of Twitter, the company said "eventually we aim to make notes visible directly on Tweets for the global Twitter audience, when there is consensus from a broad and diverse set of contributors."

    by Published on January 25th, 2021 16:50
    Article Preview

    Our first priority in writing this article is to help you avoid some of the unpleasant experiences we experienced as novice online casino players. Experiences that we would have easily avoided if an experienced player had been found to point them out to us before we started our beautiful journey, or if someone had told us which are the best online casinos.Check if the online casino you chose is legal and licensed To check if an online casino is legal and licensed is easy, although many players seem to forget about this issue. Especially players who contact the object for the first time several times do not know the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed casino.

    Choose a casino that is operating for a long time

    It would be best if you weren't hesitant to play in reputable casinos that have proven their worth. New casinos often don't offer similar offers to old ones and may not be available for a few years. A big brand that has existed for many years will definitely provide more games and will have gained the experience to solve any problem that arises. Also, you can trust the casino that they will pay you, and you won't lose your money, or it won't close the next day and disappear.

    Never register under a fake name

    One of the worst mistakes that we can think of is registering under a fake name. All licensed casinos are obliged to ask for your personal identification. Even if they don't ask you immediately, they will when you apply for a withdrawal. If the information you have given doesn't match, then your account will be blocked, and you won't get paid, and that would be such a pity after all the effort you have made.

    Check which payment methods the casino accepts

    Always check the small details when you want to play with real money. One important thing you should always check is the withdrawal and payment methods. Don't waste your time registering and give all your info if you don't like the way they operate. Always check the terms of payment as some players want to deposit with Paysafe cards, others with a credit card, others with e-wallets, while others with bank transfer and the casinos may accept specific ways.

    Read the terms of use of each casino

    The new players don't like when their casino asks for identification at the first withdrawal, οr if it has a maximum withdrawal limit. However, if they had read beforehand the terms and conditions, they would know what to do. Take your time reading everything and make sure you understand all the terms because once you agree, there is no way back.

    Check what games each casino offers

    Why does a player sign up for an online casino? To play specific games that they like. It's really impressive for a player to want to play, say, the Book of RA, but not check if the casino of their choice offers Novomatic games! So, we always check if our choice's casino provides the games we want, and then we register. We can also check if it has the variety that we are looking for since nowadays all the online casinos compete in which has the best and the biggest number of games to entertain their players.

    Learn the rules

    Everyone thinks that all you need to win is luck. However, there are some games like blackjack that the win depends more on how you play. The most responsible thing to do since you play with real money is to learn all the rules of the game you chose to play.

    Do not fall into the delusion of the gambler

    Many players believe that if a bet, such as the black-red of roulette, has verified red more than once, then the chances of black appearing are increased. The reality is that each round is a new round, so the odds between black and red will always be 50%/50%. This is also called a gambler's delusion. So, pay close attention to strategies like Martingale that are partly based on this theory.

    Always play responsibly

    Playing online casino games can be fun and sometimes rewarding, but it can be dangerous for some players in some cases. We are talking about players who are prone to addictions. Be aware of the best gambling best practices and always set limits on how much money you can spend at a casino. Never go beyond your budget, as that’s where the addiction can begin, and it can have devastating consequences.


    There is a chance you will win, but this isn't an everyday phenomenon. If you play just for the win, then you may be disappointed. Play for the fun and the experience, and if you win, then celebrate. If you lose, then smile and move on.

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