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    by Published on March 9th, 2022 21:06
    Article Preview

    Hey guys! My name is Ali and I'm here to give you some advice on consoles. I'm sure that many people reading this article are wondering what the best console is for them, so I'm going to give you a little introduction first. I'll try to keep this as unbiased as possible and just tell you what's best for your needs. As a disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any company or company affiliated with consoles. I know that these companies have their own marketing teams that pay for advertising, but I am just a person with my own advice from the game console addict side.
    Console gaming is a huge industry and it has been growing exponentially in the past few years. This has made console manufacturers very competitive, and they are constantly trying to one-up each other.
    In this article, we will be comparing three of the most popular consoles: PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We will take a look at each console’s hardware specifications as well as some of their best games for their respective platforms.
    Let's start with consoles; PlayStation 4 has been doing really well in the market so many people have picked it up. It is currently one of the best-selling consoles and it has had some great games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last of Us: Remastered, and God of War.
    Xbox One Is definitely one of the most popular consoles out there with great games like Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, and Halo Wars 2. I think that PS4 has had a really good lineup in the recent months with some great games and Xbox One has had more than enough too. PS4 is still getting a lot of great games in the future and Xbox One has been leading with exclusives for a while now. Nintendo Switch is a close third but both consoles have their own positives.
    Just a little fun fact once when i searched London Escorts and the girl showed up we played PS4 S and of course, had fun, she stayed the whole night with me instead of one hour.

    How Do I Choose a Console - The Different Types of Consoles in the Market Today

    The first thing to take into consideration when buying a console is the price. If you are on a budget, then it would be better to go for a cheaper console. If you can afford to spend more, then you can get the PS4 S or Xbox One S.
    The next thing to consider is what types of games you want to play. This will help narrow down which console is best for you. The PS4 Pro has more games than the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, but it doesn't have as many exclusives as Microsoft's consoles do.
    The Xbox One has more exclusives than the PS4 and Nintendo Switch combined, but it does not have any game streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu so if that's something you want in your console then this isn't the one for you.
    The Nintendo Switch is a mid-range system that does have game streaming apps and it has more exclusives than the PS4, but not as many as the Xbox One. When you're deciding which console to buy, think about what types of games you like to play and whether you want an exclusive or not.

    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to each Console in the Market today?

    The Playstation 4 Slim is the most popular console in the market. It has a high graphical performance, as well as a larger storage capacity. The Xbox One S is more expensive than the PS4 S. It also has a higher graphical performance, and higher internal storage capacity. Finally, Nintendo 3DS XL has lower graphical performance and it doesn't have an internal storage capacity either.
    Advantages to each Console:
    -Playstation 4 Pro: High graphical performance, larger storage capacity
    -Xbox One S: High graphical performance, largest storage capacity, the highest price.
    -Playstation 4 Slim: Less High graphical performance, Compact size.
    -Nintendo 3DS XL: Lower graphical performance, doesn't have an internal storage capacity cheapest console between others.
    From my side the best option for you is PS4 S, the worst one is 3DS but it’s the cheapest one. ...
    by Published on January 29th, 2022 23:26

    Consoles have been the driving force behind much of the gaming industry’s progression, but they are losing out to more accessible alternatives every year. The smartphone market has damaged consoles’ chances of success massively, and online gaming has forced developers into rethinking their marketing models.
    Console brands and the developers of the games need to look at trends in the world’s blossoming markets and figure out ways to compete with the most lucrative offshoots of gaming within them. For these classic gaming devices to stay relevant, some things may have to drastically change.

    How Much Market Share Does Console Gaming Have?

    The global console market was worth an impressive $49.44 billion in 2021, and PlayStation dominates that sector with a 92.24 per cent share. Still, the market for this form of gaming pales in comparison to other offshoots of the industry. The mobile games market was worth $79 billion last year and is projected to grow at an exponential rate in the years ahead. The same can be said for online casinos, with the overall online gambling market valued at more than $230 billion.
    The revenue made from consoles is healthy enough and the industry will continue to grow in the markets that it has succeeded in up until now. Europe, North America, South Korea, and Japan are a few of the main regions that keep this offshoot of gaming thriving. However, consoles won’t enjoy the same sort of exponential growth as mobile and online casino games if they cannot cement their position in emerging markets. India and Africa are seen as two major regions for investment over the next decade, but consoles are losing out in those parts to mobile and online games.

    Online Games are Finding Great Success in Growing Markets

    South Africa is a prime example of a market in which console developers should be aiming to gain a stronger foothold. PlayStation 3 sales were solid in South Africa, but the PS4 release didn’t do as well. Now, the PS5 could be in line to sell even fewer units because of the recent rise of other forms of gaming in the country.
    According to recent research, mobile gaming in SA is the fastest growing sector, with better year-on-year growth rates than any other form of entertainment in the country. This includes music, cinema, and books. This market is being driven by numerous factors. The main reason why it is flourishing is that the internet is spreading through the country fast and mobile is the cheapest way to get online. There are also many developers emerging in the country and more than 220 publishers from SA in the Google Play store.
    The iGaming industry has grown in tandem with the mobile gaming market throughout its history, so it’s not surprising to see this subsector booming in SA now as well. Some of the most popular online casino games in South Africa can be played easily from the mobile screen. These include online bingo, online baccarat, and video poker. Enticing bonuses also encourage people to join and play at sites that provide such games, and console brands simply can’t rival these offers.

    Consoles May Need to Adjust Their Marketing Model Completely

    To compete with the rise of online games globally, consoles have offered subscription services that give players access to a greater number of titles than ever before. PS Now and Xbox Game Pass provide incredible value for money, with players only having to pay a monthly fee to download any of the titles in the respective game libraries.

    This model is likely to be a hit in markets where online gaming is ruling the roost, but is it going to be enough? With iGaming making up a huge portion of smartphone gaming sales, it begs the question as to how long consoles can go on without offering these games as well. Console developers may either have to adjust their marketing strategy to win these players over or expand their services.
    Console developers have already had to mix things up in recent years to keep up with the growing mobile and iGaming sectors. The subscription model is likely to become the main form of promoting games in the future, but companies may also need to offer iGaming titles to tap into this rich market. ...
    by Published on January 28th, 2022 10:32
    Article Preview

    Are you one of the many Warzone Pacific players struggling to win? Do you find yourself constantly on the losing end of the battle? If so, don't worry. You're not alone. When a new player first tries out Warzone, they can often be overwhelmed by the wide array of units available. You all know that guy who churns troops from his FOB and attacks non-stop every turn without any tactical thought whatsoever. Don't be that guy. There's way more strategy to WZP than just spamming troops. Here are some advanced tips to help you on your path to the domination of WZP.
    Use Cheat Codes
    It's a shame that many more players don't use cheats because they improve your play, not just with triggers. There is no reason to be afraid of cheats, and after you get used to using them, it will make playing the game easier and more fun.

    You can get cheat codes for Warzone Pacific from a variety of sources. The IWantCheats for Warzone Hacks is a place you can start. Cheat codes will help your game in several areas, such as giving you good starting positions, allowing you to give your units extra abilities like stealth and invulnerability, and even allowing players to level up their men.

    Focus on Triggers

    You may think that most players suck at triggering because they lack focus. Don't worry, though; by following this guide, you will learn to trigger like a pro. You will find that if you follow these pointers on triggers, things will start to click after a few games.

    The first problem is not thinking about the trigger, which means standing around for a long time and thinking of something clever or unique for your player to do when they win the game instead of focusing on executing the mechanics of a trigger.

    Another issue is not keeping track of your triggers, resulting in players forgetting to end their triggers or, more commonly, forgetting a trigger entirely. Players who have a sound system for this, such as saving screenshots of the game and writing down each trigger on a piece of paper next to the picture, tend to perform better with their triggers.

    Build Your Own Trigger Library

    Once you've become a pro cheater, it's time to make yourself a trigger library. Here is how to do this:

    First, open the game and start a skirmish. Save the game before you do anything else, then load that save game into your editor. Now edit all of your units until you max them out in every skill imaginable.

    Next, start asking yourself this question: What does your player need to do to execute their plan? For example, if you are planning on attacking the enemy base with a big tank push, you might need to put your men in cover near the enemy tanks so they can shoot them when they come out.

    Save this trigger, and every time you have an idea for a terrific trigger, go ahead and save it. It would be best if you worked your way through all of your triggers until you had most of the game covered. If you find a specific kind of trigger that you're not great at making, then keep practicing. Now that you've made your library, it's time to use it.

    Learn About Your Weapons

    One of the most common trigger errors for new players is forgetting to change their weapons before firing, which is even worse if they fail to switch ammo types, resulting in a great rate of wasted bullets before they switch.

    So here's an easy fix for this problem: When you select your units, hit CTRL ALT and 1 to turn on unlimited ammo which will remove the cooldown on your weapons, allowing you to fire as quickly as you click while still giving you infinite bullets.

    This trick works excellent for tanks, planes, and defensive turrets because you can use it more diversely. You can also use this to make things like having a sniper rifle without draining their energy by using the energy cheat to give your snipers infinite power.

    In addition, try to learn how your weapons work, which means knowing if your gun only shoots in a straight line or if it has splash damage. You should also know about anti-tank guns and rockets that lose power over distance.

    The tips above should help you improve your triggers and become a better player in general. Warzone Pacific is an ever-changing game with new units, and abilities added every update, so keep practicing your triggers. ...
    by Published on January 26th, 2022 18:21

    The way that players pay for video games has remained the same for decades. Most video game developers allow players to pay a certain fee upfront for getting unlimited access to a game and enjoy as much gameplay as they want. That means that you can sell or lend your video game to anyone you wish at your discretion.
    Even as video game titles moved away from selling titles in big boxes in land-based stores to online retailers and digital downloads, the model of paying upfront has remained consistent. However, a new revenue model has grown exponentially over the last half a decade. This new revenue model is known as micro-transactions.

    What are Micro-Transactions?

    Micro-transactions typically mean small amounts of cash paid in games for different upgrades. These monetary transactions can range anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred, depending on what a player is paying for.
    These transactions first appeared in social and mobile games in the 2000s, with players being not charged to play games upfront. However, players were given the chance to purchase additional in-game items instead. The trend has continually grown over the years, with many free-to-play games using this technique to earn revenue.
    The first main technique that game developers are using micro-transactions is by allowing users to play games and skipping waiting times. That’s where players get finite in-game currency or lives to enjoy the gameplay all day long. Prominent games that use such a technique include Candy Crash Saga, Farmville, and Pokerstars.
    The other way that game publishers are using micro-transactions is by allowing players to buy additional in-game items. These in-game items allow players to personalize their characters and give them new skills or features.
    For the most part, gamers have been happy with this trade-off, as they can play a game for free without paying any of these micro-transactions. However, whenever they want to enjoy more, they can pay the game publishers a small fee.

    Are Micro-Transactions Increasing or Reducing in Games?

    With Monolith announcing their decision to abolish micro-transactions from their game Shadow of War, more online games might be prompted to follow suit. In the coming months, players can use their money to invest in the best crypto trading platforms in South Africa, as the buying of XP boosts, orcs, and Item chests with real cash are set to be abolished. The move came only six months after gamers expressed their displeasure with these intrusive microtransactions.
    The main problem with Micro-transaction in gaming titles is that there isn’t enough transparency. That’s making gamers feel like they need to purchase their way through the gameplay instead of actually earning it.
    Besides individual items, lots of games offer a loot-box feature that allows players to buy an in-game box that features random items that might be helpful in the gameplay or not. As such, many players and some regulatory authorities feel like these loot-boxes are like lotteries. However, lotteries must disclose their odds to players, unlike purchasing loot-boxes without knowing your chance of getting valuable items.

    Micro-Transactions in Large Games

    In recent years, developers have started adding microtransactions in large games. However, that doesn’t mean that gamers won’t need to pay for titles like FIFA or NBA 2K20 upfront. Instead, they will have to do both to access the game’s full content.
    Microsoft first discussed the prospect of adopting microtransactions in 2006, but it took several years to completely implement this payment model. Electronic Arts first featured their first microtransaction model in Tiger Woods PGA Tour, with second-hand game buyers having to pay $10 to get access to online play.
    Micro-transaction in large games was largely unpopular among players, so most publishers phased out this practice and replaced it with “season passes”. The model allows players to buy new downloadable content and extend their gameplay. This model became popular in Call of Duty, where players were allowed to download new maps.

    Huge Profits

    Game developers argue that microtransactions help to cover the increasing cost of creating large titles while maintaining the upfront cost at an affordable rate. Some of these developers have pointed out that video game titles like CS: GO saw a huge increase in popularity following the implementation of micro-transactions.
    With micro-transactions, fans can enjoy the ability to upgrade and personalize their characters without making it a pay-to-win model. Critics also argue that the rationale behind this move is to get a revenue stream from players who want to buy or rent second-hand games. Regardless of the driving force, micro-transactions are a great earner for game publishers.

    The Future of Micro-transactions

    With publishers such as the Monolith making such a huge leap to abolish micro-transactions, ...
    by Published on January 26th, 2022 18:04
    Article Preview

    Are you searching for a desktop computer that is prebuilt for offices and homes that is not only powerful but also compact? If yes, then HUAWEI has the best product for you!
    Not until recent years, Huawei begins to associate with these kinds of machines at all. In fact, the company is well-known as a manufacturer of network equipment and smartphone. Certainly, desktops are not a part of their game. Fortunately, the company has decided to venture into something new last year.

    What’s exciting about this product?
    What will really fascinate you the most about HUAWEI MateStation S is its prebuilt personal computer. When you get to try this, you will surely be surprised as to how a compact desktop PC it truly is and you will be amazed that it also uses the market’s currently latest hardware components. Its processor is Ryzen 5 6400G and it has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and an M.2 NVMe SSD. Also, it is plausible for the set to have a 24-inch IPS monitor. In addition to that, a keyboard with a fingerprint sensor and a mouse also comes with the product!
    In short, when you purchase this PC from any Huawei store, you get to have a ready-made powerful and compact desktop that you can use at home or in your office. Indeed, the HUAWEI MateStation S is a perfect computer for those people who are in need of a small or compact desktop computer.

    What is its design?
    When looking at this product at first glance, you will only see a normal personal computer. However, Huawei aims to make their first-ever personal computer to mimic as it belongs to a corporate machine, of course, without making it into a boring monotonous black box that you can see in most offices. Fortunately, the company succeeded in its goal. The case of the product has an amazing outer finish having an interesting structure that consists of inclined lines which mitigates the body’s monotonous stamped steel surface giving it a classy look.
    These inclined lines are vital to the product as they serves as ventilation grilles so that cold air could enter the body and cool down the components. Moreover, when you check its front case, you can see the following:

    • 2nd-generation USB Type-C port (this supports fast charging 9 V/2 A)
    • USB Type-A gen 3.2
    • 3.5mm audio jack
    • Power button

    Though it looks just like any other personal computers, its back panel has many connectors and ports. You can find plenty of connections here such as:

    • 4 USB Type 3.1 ports
    • HDMI port
    • VGA port
    • RJ45 connector
    • Serial port

    This desktop computer also has various wireless connection options which include Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.
    You will surely love the elegance and class of the case of MateStation S. Its tower is so compact that it will not consume a lot of space in your workspace. In short, you will get to have an elegant PC that has all the important connectors and ports.

    Would I recommend you buy the product?
    If you are more of a laptop or tablet kind of person, you will surely be amazed at the HUAWEI MateStation S.
    When you use this, you will be mesmerized by the convenience of its monitor, keyboard, and of course, the Huawei Share button. However, do know that the Huawei matestation s is only perfect if you are searching for a compact PC for you to use for studying or working.
    But being a powerful compact PC, this computer will also allow you to play various popular games like Fortnite, DOTA 2, and non-triple-A games whilst enjoying its decent graphics and performance. Of course, you should note that this is not a gaming PC at all. However, you can still get some relaxation after studying or working. In addition to that, you should also note that when it comes to productivity, the HUAWEI MateStation S is perfect for every office or homework. ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2022 14:44
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    Scene dev SpecterDev has updated the OpenOrbis Toolchain to version 0.5.2. For those of you joining us into the wonderful world of homebrew for the PS4, have you ever considered making your own games/tools for the PS4? This toolchain is here to help you do that. What is OpenOrbis Toolchain The OpenOrbis PS4 toolchain “enables developers to build homebrew without the need of Sony’s official Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains the header files, library stubs, and tools to build applications and libraries for the PS4.” https://wololo.net/2021/12/24/releas...rew-sdk-0-5-2/ ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2022 14:37
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    Developer Sleirsgoevy has released an update to his unofficial Hamachi client for the PS4. Version 0.2 brings firmware 9.00 support. What is Hamachi Client for PS4? Hamachi is a VPN service that lets you extend a LAN network online. In other words, it helps you simulate a local network with friends over the internet, in order to play LAN games remotely. This PS4 version is not an official product by LogMeIn Inc. This is a port of LogMeIn Hamachi virtual LAN client to the PS4. It is done by wrapping the linux binary. https://wololo.net/2021/12/27/ps4-re...-9-00-support/ ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2022 14:28
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    PS4 MultiTrainer is a Trainer loader, it lets you load cheat files into your PS4 games to customize your gaming experience (infinite gold, infinite ammo, infinite health, etc&hellip. It’s part of the PS4 Reaper[/URL] suite, a tool we’ve mentioned before here[/URL]. Multutrainer supports a new cheat format, SHNEXT, created by the developer to support more complex cheats. From the developer:
    SHNEXT is a new format that allow a deep control of the game data… it allows aob ([Editor’s note: Array of Bytes]) referencing, live variable editing and more complex stuff.
    PS4 MultiTrainer supports various Cheat formats, specifically JSON, MC4, SHN, and the new SHNEXT. https://wololo.net/2021/12/30/ps4-re...ainer-1-1-5-5/ ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2022 14:22
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    Developer K4PS3 has released PS4 DLC Unlocker Maker, a fairly simple script that lets you unlock DLC in some games. Specifically, the tool unlocks DLC that happen to already be in the game file (or content your downloaded). https://wololo.net/2021/12/31/ps4-re...nlocker-maker/ ...
    by Published on January 3rd, 2022 14:07

    In a recent blog post[/URL], Samsung said it sold four times more foldable devices in 2021 than 2020[/URL]. The Verge reports:It attributes this success to the arrival of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 [...]. Samsung says sales for these two devices in their first month alone exceeded "total accumulative sales of Samsung foldable devices in 2020." These are promising metrics for the slow ascension of foldable phones, though you should bear in mind that Samsung isn't sharing hard sales data. Instead, it pointed to the fact that its increases were greater than predictions made by third-party analysts, who suggested that total shipments from all manufacturers for foldable devices would hit 9 million in 2021. If Samsung thinks this figure is useful enough to cite -- and with the company thought to account for around 88 percent of the total foldable markets -- we can guess that its sales were in the high single-digit millions or pushing into the low tens of millions. These numbers are expected to increase tenfold by 2023 [...]. Samsung also says that its decision to push forward early with foldable devices has paid off in terms of converting customers. It says that "compared to the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung has seen a 150 percent increase in consumers who switched smartphone brands for the Galaxy Z Flip 3." If you want to attract new money, it helps to offer something unique. https://mobile.slashdot.org/story/21/12/31/0148233/samsung-says-its-foldable-shipments-increased-four-fold-in-2021 ...

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