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    by Published on August 22nd, 2021 22:55

    Huawei, the largest technology company in China, has changed its product strategy in India due to the ongoing dispute. Huawei, a company well known for its premium smart phones, announced in 2019 that it would also be bringing its ecosystem products to India. The company soon launched the premium smart watch, Huawei GT2 watch 46mm in India. This smart watch has many interesting features.
    Design of the watch
    The Huawei Watch GT2 is a sophisticated design that can be worn with almost any outfit. The case is circular and has a raised touch screen at the top and a heart rate sensor at its bottom. The case is covered by a stainless steel metallic frame. It looks modern and unique. The screen's frame is minimalist and has a numerical stamp, which represents the 24-hour format. The frame's right side has twin multipurpose buttons. One is for general menu, and the other.
    Display is brighter
    The huawei watch GT2 bold design features a 1.39-inch OLED touch screen. Slide gestures are supported on the screen – swipe-down to quickly set up settings, swipe-up to get notifications and swipe-horizontally to access music player, information about heart rate, stress, weather, steps, etc. The screen is bright and vivid with good sunlight legibility. OLED screens look amazing. You can also create custom watch faces by uploading any photo.
    Features loaded
    The huawei watch GT2 has a variety of fitness and health features, including a stress monitor. The smart watch also has a multipurpose heart rate sensor that accurately records heart rhythms in active and resting hours. The watch can also monitor stress levels through this sensor. The watch supports automatic stress level monitoring and has a dedicated breathing program to help lower stress levels. To monitor sleep quality, the heart-rate sensor can also double up as a sleep monitor.
    GPS compatible
    The watch supports many fitness activities such as running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, elliptical, rower, and outdoor run. You can also choose to use 'other' for workouts not listed. The watch is compatible with GPS for outdoor activities. This satellite positioning system enables the watch to quickly determine location coordinates and record precise data.
    Power loaded
    The GT2 battery is a great addition. You can expect at least eight days of battery life depending on how you use your smart watch.

    Operating system
    Huawei watch GT2 is a slim device with a lightweight operating system. The operating system is lacking basic features such as quick replies and notifications. Not all notifications can be received by the watch. Audio controls for music files on the phone are not available when the Huawei Health app's background is active. In addition, the watch will prioritize its speaker and microphone even when connected with wireless headphones.
    Huawei Watch GT2 is more like a fully equipped smart watch than a fitness band. The GT2 watch impresses with its elegant design, high-quality battery life, precise health and fitness tracking, and smooth performance. It has an amazing power saving technology. Huawei GT2 tracks and monitors your workouts using precise positioning systems. ...
    by Published on August 14th, 2021 08:35
    Article Preview

    For the most part, every footballer’s territory is the football field of course. It’s where they excel and it’s where they feel most at home. Beyond the leagues and the intense matchups in crowded arenas, these footballers have a separate life. What do they do off the field?

    Surprisingly, a lot of footballers enjoy gambling inside the casino. They may be good with a ball but they’re also skillful with cards, slots, dice, and to cap it all off, they probably have lady luck on their side too.

    As they’re mostly in the spotlight half of the time, Manchester United and other players from the top teams are always under the stress and heat of the competition. For some of them, spending some time off to gamble in casinos is common practice. Here are a few football players from Manchester United you might often find frequenting casinos.

    Manchester United’s Casino Connoisseurs

    There are two Manchester United players that love casinos and they are none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

    Ronaldo is perhaps one of the best players in the world currently. As if that’s not enough, he’s also reportedly skilled in poker. He can be found playing in casinos worldwide and he’s pretty notorious for his poker skill as well. Is there anything that the poster boy of football can’t do?

    He loves poker so much, he became one of the brand ambassadors of PokerStars, an online poker platform.

    This move by PokerStars definitely helped the company flourish but it’s more than that. Online gambling casinos are becoming more popular nowadays and according to this Cision report, it’s a growing industry in the UK too. Having the top footballers become brand ambassadors will definitely serve the industry well.

    Wayne Rooney might not be as lucky in the casino as Ronaldo though. According to reports, the Manchester United forward lost £500,000 to a gambling spree in
    2017. While Rooney has most likely recovered his losses since then, it’s very surprising how much he’d lost in just a night of gambling.

    Rooney has admitted that during his time with Manchester United, he had an addiction to gambling already. As per the football stars, he spends most of his time and money playing blackjack and roulette. During his off time, he continued to gamble online as well. However, the star has gotten his bearings now.

    Aside from Ronaldo and Rooney, there are many other footballers from other clubs that reportedly love to hang out in casinos. Those players include Mario Balotelli, James Maddison, Neymar, Diego Maradona, and Zaltan Ibrahimovic.

    It’s hard to tell why footballers are so drawn to gambling but it’s most likely because they really do need to release all of their stress and tension from time to time.

    If you’re inspired to begin gambling after reading these, feel free to do so but always remember to do so responsibly. These top players have a lot to lose which is why they love to gamble but for regular people like us, gambling is a make-or-break habit. ...
    by Published on July 29th, 2021 23:12
    Article Preview

    Indulging in an activity that can take us back to childhood might be a powerful drive for consumption. It is, therefore, no wonder that many businesses and developers use nostalgia to attract people to their products and venues. Will the nostalgia of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s be enough to bring back arcades? This is a question we will be exploring in this article.

    Once a regular part of the entertainment...

    Arcades were once a regular part of the urban scenery of street corners and malls in North America, West Europe, and Asia. They started appearing in the late 70s with games like Space Invaders and Galaxian.
    The 80s represented the golden era of arcades and were marked by classics like Pac-Man and Centipede. During this period, arcade games started to be available also at restaurants, liquor stores, even at gas stations. They were dark and dim places with exciting sounds for kids and teenagers to spend time after school and get away from their parents.
    Arcades went through a fast decline during the 90s, as the technology finally enabled developers to adapt them for consoles. People were now able to bring the games home and enjoy the popular Bubble Bobble or Punch-Out!! whenever they wanted. As the sales of consoles and video games went up, arcades started closing down one by one.
    Yet, many of the favorite titles got another chance with their PC and mobile phone adaptations. Some PC games like Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ and Tekken 7 evolved from the arcades, while others were new but filled with arcade influences. Some even better renditions of these games were made for mobile phones – the already mentioned classic Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and many others.
    And playing games on mobile phones and tablets has largely transformed the game market with a proliferation of arcade and arcade-inspired games. The high competition in the dynamic game market has, however, pushed developers to look into more advanced graphics and to offer titles like Cyberpunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls, or the Witcher whose graphics and modes of playing tell us that we are probably leaving the arcades in the past.

    Arcades moved to the casinos

    However, arcade games in land-based venues still did not disappear. Some have found their place in bars and casinos - and casinos are homes to classic arcade games, but also arcade-like slot machines, with themes and attractive visuals. Unfortunately, probably not for too long.
    With the development of the internet and digital tech, and with increased numbers of people going online, these casino arcades are also being transposed to their digital version, leaving the future of arcades precarious even in this domain.
    Digital versions of these games have advantages, such as availability and accessibility even to players in areas with more strict regulations, like Kuwait where land-based venues are not even accessible.
    Websites like ArabianBetting are there to provide Kuwaiti punters a secure venue in which they can play the most popular casino games safely and anonymously. With instructions on how to access the site with the use of a VPN, it also helps players feel more at ease when choosing online casinos accessible to Kuwaiti players. Any websites recommended here use the latest professional high-level encryption technology with tools like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which are designed to keep customer data secure.
    With these advantages, it is hard to imagine that the traditional arcades will ever really come back to our street corners - no matter whether we are talking about casinos or traditional arcades.

    In the East, arcades are thriving…

    In order to better understand the disappearance of arcades, we need to take a closer look at the one country where they are alive and thriving – Japan.
    Arcades in Japan are usually located in areas dedicated to fun and entertainment – restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers, and karaoke parlors. Arcades take up several floors and are divided into sections based on the type of game. They offer something for everyone: “UFO games'' for small children to catch a toy, multiplayer games for groups of friends, Purikura photo booths for couples, different kinds of rhythm and simulation games, sections with authentic arcade game machines with games such as Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter, and, in the end, casino arcades called Pachinko.
    Arcades in Japan are a ‘destination’. People do not visit them just to play, but also to win a prize, witness an exciting reveal of a new game, drink, and socialize.
    But people in North America and Western Europe also visited arcades to socialize. So why did they die? It is about the type of socialization that they used to offer and that does not have a place in people’s lives anymore. The old arcade venues had affordable games that offered children and teenagers an excuse to socialize with their peers, maybe resolve a fight or make-out. This role is now ...
    by Published on July 25th, 2021 20:35

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, life has changed significantly. One such was is that people no longer travel from home to the workplace. Instead, they work remotely from home. The old ways of doing things are now considered archaic, as social distancing becomes the new norm. While countless businesses have taken a hit, the gaming industry took a different route. During this time, as everybody was looking for a way to entertain themselves without leaving their homes, the gaming industry came to the rescue. The pandemic is increasing people’s interest in gaming as they look for activities to reduce boredom. If you grew an interest in online gaming because you started spending more time at home due to COVID-19, it’s time to build upon your knowledge. It’s important to know about effective techniques to enhance your gaming experience. In this article, you will find some amazing tips to improve the performance and quality of your games and devices:
    1. Use a VPN to avoid bandwidth throttling

    Internet providers usually throttle your internet while you’re gaming. ISP throttling indicates that you receive full internet speed with limited bandwidth in a month. Once you cross that bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down. This happens because an internet provider needs to maintain traffic quality for all users. Therefore, they throttle bandwidth, which negatively impacts your internet speed. Typically, throttling occurs when there’s a high demand for internet bandwidth. This is common among cable internet providers. Throttling affects your gaming experience, increasing lag and ping. Using an effective gaming VPN will increase your gaming experience by increasing the speed. This may sound weird because the actual role of VPN is to encrypt your data, securing it from third parties. Your VPN will increase the internet speed in several ways, such as server load, the distance between the server and your location, encryption quality. For instance, if you use a server dedicated to streaming and gaming, you will notice an increase in internet speed. Another way in which VPN increases your bandwidth is by encrypting your data and hiding your identity, so you receive a better connection while playing online games.
    1. Update Laptop Drivers for Faster Gaming

    A graphic driver is software that bridges the communication between your operating system and a graphics card such as a graphic card. When it comes to gaming, you want to have the best experience and boost your performance. Graphics card is not always a reason for lagging gameplay, low FPS, and poor graphics. Sometimes, you experience poor gameplay after ignoring a graphic driver update.
    You can introduce improvements and fix the performance by updating your graphic card. A graphic card is the major component of your gaming experience, but unleashing the right performance without a suitable graphic driver is not possible. When you update your graphic driver, you will notice a significant boost in your FPS. You can either manually update your graphic driver or turn on the automatic updates.
    1. Change the game’s video settings

    When adjusting the game resolution to enhance your game experience, it is essential to tweak some video settings and boost the additional FPS. Many games will offer simple settings for adjustments such as low, medium, high, and ultra. However, other games include extensive settings where you can put in the numerical settings or adjust the slider. Here are some settings that will help you increase your FPS while enhancing your gaming experience:
    • Graphical Details

    You can reduce the lighting, shadows, reflections, and textures from the graphic settings in the game. Sure, this will make the experience less cinematic, but your game will run smoothly, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.
    • Anti-aliasing

    You can smooth out the definition of the objects in the game by adjusting the anti-aliasing. You need to balance anti-aliasing to a point where it does not affect the FPS, not that it decreases the graphics. Start by completely turning off anti-aliasing. Then, slowly increase it until you notice a positive change in the graphics. Make sure that you do not increase it at a point where it starts affecting the FPS. If there are different types of anti-aliasing in the game, you should adjust each one and notice the difference.
    • Draw Distance

    Sometimes, when the game renders the distant objects, you will notice lower resolution and higher lags. However, you can increase the game’s graphics and quality to reduce the visibility of far-away objects. When the processor doesn’t render the objects, it enhances available resources for close objects.
    • Graphical Effects

    You can remove or tone down additional features, including lens flares, motion blur, and other unnecessary settings that affect your GPU’s performance. When you reduce these effects, your GPU can focus on important resources. ...
    by Published on July 22nd, 2021 23:39
    Article Preview

    Mobile apps are big business, with close to 3.5 million of them on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million on the App Store. With so many to choose from, it is no surprise to see that these apps have helped to change our lives in several different areas in recent years.

    Travel and Tourism Made Easier

    The huge potential benefits that smartphones offer tourists has led to a highly varied selection of apps in this sector. Some of the most popular are used for booking accommodation, such as the Airbnb, Expedia and Booking.com efforts. You can also book and track flights from your mobile device, as well as hunt for train and bus tickets. This has made the travel experience smoother and easier to arrange.
    Other interesting apps for travellers include Google Maps, Rick Steves Audio Europe and LoungeBuddy, with the latter letting you see which airport lounges are worth trying. Figures from 2018 suggest that over 60% of American travellers use travel apps, with flight booking, weather and maps among the most commonly used types.

    App for Betting on Sports at Any Time

    The way we used to bet on sports in the UK was by going to a physical bookmaker’s shop, with thousands of them dotted across the country. This national pastime went online in the 21st century, with the subsequent arrival of mobile apps then giving us complete freedom in terms of where and when we place our wagers. If we look at a list of the best UK bookmakers, we can see that brands like 888sport, LVBet and 10Bet all have mobile apps. These apps offer features such as in-play betting and the chance to cash out before the event finishes. The convenience of mobile betting has changed the market, with many bookies now offering big welcome bonuses to attract the new generation of customers.

    The New Approach to Banking

    All of the big UK banks now have their own mobile apps for customers, allowing them to check their balance, carry out transactions and so on. YouGov tracker data for the second half of 2019 showed that over half of Brits used a mobile app from their bank, compared to the 26% who went to the branch when necessary.
    It is expected that the number of people using mobile banking will increase, especially given the success of mobile-only brands such as Monzo, Revolut and Monese. Research carried out by Pockit showed that 1.2 million British residents were unable to open a standard bank account in 2019, so it is perhaps no surprise that millions of us are turning to the mobile option, where it is extremely easy for anyone to get started.

    Shopping for Fashion Bargains

    While the fashion industry might appear to be an area where the option of visiting a physical store is still important, there has also been a shift to mobile apps here too. Huge names like Amazon, ASOS and Zara all have slick mobile apps that make life a lot easier. For example, you can check the latest catalogue and build a wishlist of the items that most catch your eye.
    Zara has even tried out an augmented reality app that let shoppers see the products come to life in front of their eyes. This technology, together with virtual reality apps and the likes of the proposed Apple VR headset, could help to bridge the gap between physical stores and online shopping, by giving every customer who visits the premises or stays at home the same chance to fully customise the experience.

    Easy Access to Health and Fitness Tools

    The health and fitness industry has also received a boost with the way that people can more closely track their habits and get tips via an app. From new exercise regimes to food trackers and sleeping pattern analysers, we can track many of the most important health issues via an app at any time of day,
    For example, MyFitnessPal is a simple app that lets you see the nutritional value of what you eat and track it against your goals. Others let you plan your running or cycling route, while the trend for meditation apps such as Headspace and Insight Timer have allowed many more people to try this way of getting a more relaxed mindset. The number of people using fitness apps is expected to grow from 84 million in 2021 to over 86 million by next year.
    All of these different types of apps have benefited our lives in one way or another. With each of the industries that we have looked at expected to carry on growing, we can look forward to more innovations that result in mobile apps suiting our lifestyles even better. ...
    by Published on July 14th, 2021 22:29

    The gaming world has seen a lot of new popular releases in 2021. There are exciting new titles on both mobile and desktop devices, but also there are high-quality game console titles that you need to add to your collection. In this article we have compiled a list of some of the most popular games in 2021 and they will provide you with an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience on every device.

    Casino Games

    Nowadays, casino games represent a lot of high-quality options, especially since there are reputable developers like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and others that constantly develop new titles which are even better than their previous collection.

    So, you can rest assured that if you want to play games of chance, not only will you find a myriad of options, but you will also get to play immersive and first-class casino games. However, it is equally important to register on a safe and reliable casino site that also offers a wide range of options. For example, you can find the top UK casino sites at top10rankedonlinecasinos.com, which is a reliable platform where you can compare different online casinos and what they have to offer to the users, not only the casinos are trustworthy, but they also have first-class games.

    Hitman 3

    This is one of the most popular franchises around the world that is centered around the main protagonist, a clone agent 47 that was created in a laboratory in order to become the super-intelligent assassin. The main purpose of the hitman is to eliminate certain targets while wearing different disguises. Over the course of the games, the character has developed quite a bit, and we had seen his human side, especially when he tried to rescue his friend, the priest, Emilio Vittorio.

    The latest game in the franchise is Hitman 3, which is a sequel to Hitman 2 that was released in 2018. What makes this stealth game unique is that it is set in new elite locations across the world, such as Dubai, Berlin, Chongqing, and other exciting locations. The plot continues after the events in the game in Hitman 2, where Diana Burnwood and agent 47 are on a mission to eliminate Providence. It is a very challenging and exciting game that features a lot of beautiful locations and plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

    Samurai Warriors 5

    Samurai Warriors 5 is a reboot of the famous Samurai Warriors series. The visuals of the game of substantially better, and there is also a unique storyline and revamped characters. Otherwise, the style of the game is similar to Street Fighter and Mortal Combat series, as your character needs to defeat different opponents who have special skills and combat styles.

    Unlike the other fighting games, Samurai Warriors 5, it's inspired by the Samurai, Japanese culture, and other sword-fighting styles. There is also a story mode which is set during the Sengoku Era of Japan where the character Oda Nobunaga tries to unify Japan as a ruler while at the same time we get to know the samurai Mitsuhide Akechi. There are plenty of exciting missions in the game as well as compelling characters, and obviously, this game is packed with action.
    by Published on June 4th, 2021 15:27

    Online gaming has advanced with the growth in technology. You can now play online and earn huge money; there are lots of entertainment as well as an excellent level of engagement you can enjoy from Slot online games on all popular casino websites. You will automatically get quality and unique entertainment, especially when machine flash their lights, as they deliver amazing animations, hence showing forth video slips. This article has explained in detailed the benefits you will automatically get from playing online slot games.

    Helps you Pick Low Betting Limits

    Usually, online slot games vary in prices from one to another. Whenever you choose to play slot games, you will automatically reduce the risk of losing money at all costs by choosing a low-limit match that you can easily control as you manage your bankroll well. You will see correctly on your bars and get to know how low you can bet. Additionally, it is at online slot games where you can risk any amount of money and still get a hope of winning.

    You Get the Opportunity to Access Several Numbers of Games

    Playing slot games will give you a tremendous advantage of enjoying the selection of different games to play. Usually, the number of online games is more than what anybody can ever get from land-based casinos. You will get the opportunity of choosing the game to play as you have ever wanted.

    Access a Lot of Money from Free Bonuses

    You will automatically get different amazing bonuses from online slots. Several casinos will allow you to sign up and enjoy these fantastic bonuses without depositing any money. By doing so, they attract customers to enter a competitive industry. When you get the rewards, you may go ahead and win colossal money even without making any deposit.

    You Can Change From One Casino to Another

    There are several online casino platforms in the market. One good thing about playing slots online is that you are never limited; you can always move from one casino to another comfortably. It is just a click, and you make several wagers on several sites. Your opportunity to move from one site to another will give you a great chance to win more. Online slot games usually give you an excellent opportunity to move around, search as well as picking high odds that involve high payouts as you play.

    Better Convenience

    Online slot games are now convenient; gone are the days when placing a bet would cost you miles, a lot of time, energy, and money to accomplish your chance. With online slot games, you can afford to sit back in your house/office and place your bets with your computer or mobile phone in the comfort of your home/office. The great news is that they do not have any opening time or closing time; you can always access them regardless of any time of the day.

    You will Get High Payouts

    Have you been searching for high payout from casino platforms? Don’t search anymore! Slot online game usually offers a significant payout percentage much more than ones obtained from based casinos. Try out online slot games, and you'll be amazed by all the above benefits you have been looking for. ...
    by Published on June 1st, 2021 15:41

    If you own a PC, a phone, a smart device, or even watch the news, Microsoft is a name you have undoubtedly heard many times. And synonymous with that name is the Windows operating system – the most popular in the world. It seems that where technology advances, Windows is right there, ready to be seamlessly integrated. The same has happened with the Windows VPS server, but why?

    Historic success

    First of all, let's take a look at the bigger picture. Windows being the most popular OS means that all developers of new apps and technology will focus on their software running Windows. So, as the VPS took traction and became more popular, Windows became the most popular operating system. It's a great thing because almost all applications you want to run on your virtual private server will be compatible with the OS.

    Familiar interface

    A VPS creates a virtual server on a server machine, where all resources are allocated solely to you within your partition. This way, other users will not impact the performance of others while sharing the same physical machine but operating entirely separately within the virtual divide. You can choose a leading Windows VPS server for many things, from hosting your website, using it for an email server, internal company communications, or data storage. But no matter what function and form it takes, there will still be familiar elements due to running the same operating system, Windows, that you are so used to.

    Comfort while working remotely

    When one OS is shared amongst many devices and technologies, it might be slightly different, but the same vital elements let you adapt to new environments quickly. Let's take a remote desktop environment as an example. As you set it up on your VPS, it looks just like your home computer desktop, and here you can do the same work as usual. Yet, it comes with the bonuses of accessing your work remotely and with added security. Windows seems to be the leading OS in many areas of technology without any sign of backing down, and you should use that to your advantage. ...
    by Published on April 27th, 2021 00:00

    Humble Bundle has unveiled a redesign that will alter how users split their donations. As part of this update, the company will remove sliders that give users the option to flexibly adjust what percentage of the donation goes towards publishers, charities and Humble. The new system will instead feature two static options, a default donation that gives 85% of a donation to publishers, 10% to Humble and 5% to charity. The other 'Extra to Charity' option will split the figure so that 15% goes towards the chosen cause instead. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-to-15-percent ...
    by Published on April 26th, 2021 23:55

    The remaster of a cult favourite 2010 PS3 game has topped the UK retail charts this week.Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 tops the charts, knocking FIFA 21 down to No.2. The last Nier game that was released came in March 2017 in the form of the acclaimed Nier Automata. This remake sold 50% fewer copies than Automata.89% of sales were on PS4 and 11% on Xbox One. Digital sales are not included. Ultimately, it's a very quiet week for the boxed games market. Just 137,000 physical games were sold last week across the UK. It's so quiet that there's even a PC game in the Top Ten. Football Manager 2021, which sells primarily on digital platforms, is at No.6 after a 66% sales increase. The game benefitted from a £20 price promotion at UK retailers (namely, Currys).Also new this week is the MotoGP 21 video game at No.19. The Milestone title sold best on PS5, accounting for 37% of sales with the PS4 on 31%. Elsewhere, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury holds No.3 despite a 24% sales slip, Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops to No.4 after a 30% slide, and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is at No.5 due to a 21% sales dip. Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is No.1 in the UK | UK Boxed Charts | GamesIndustry.biz[/URL] ...

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