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  • iControlPad 2 - The open source controller

    via http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...rce-controller

    Help us make the worlds first open-source controller.
    Quick Facts!
    *Fully user programmable microcontroller, running open-source software
    *55 key keyboard - Shoulder buttons -Twin analogue nubs - High-quality Dpad
    *New swivel clamp for easier phone handling
    *Works as a standard HID (keyboard, joystick, iCade etc) for anything with either bluetooth or USB connections
    *Lasts for 14 hours of active use on a single charge
    *Working prototypes finished, ready for mass production now

    *Will it work with the OUYA - Yes, it should work with the OUYA.
    *Built to last - the price reflects the quality - it's an absolutely solid, ready for the road design.
    *Distributors - buy a multipack and have excellent Christmas sales.
    *If the project is a success we will document the ENTIRE production process on film - with regular video updates and visits to factories - see how we bring a product to life - ordering parts, negotiations, product assembly - everything - so if you have always wondered how it's done, or fancy making something yourself in the future, you will see how we do it.
    Hold any touch screen phone,from the iPhone4 to the giant Note series (see video)!

    High res press renders/photos here: http://icontrolpad.com/icp2.zip
    Between 2009 and 2011 we developed, prototyped and brought to market the iControlPad; a unique controller which connected to phones to play games.
    Now we want to go one better; a programmable, open-source, Bluetooth, super-compact controller with a keyboard that you can use on almost any tech device.

    The iControlPad2 is not tied to phones or tablets. It is designed to be used with anything from your Raspberry Pi, Dev-board or USB Stick computer, to Robots, hobby projects, PC, Mac, bare PCBs/Motherboards, set-top boxes and anything else with Bluetooth.
    If you do use it with your phone, it can attach via a swivel-holder for comfort, and is easily stowed when you take calls - as the battery lasts for 12-14 hours it's a great portable controller.
    And it's open source. So if it does not do what you want, you add your own commands/protocols, or download ones made by other users.

    Key areas in detail:
    Emulation: With the iControlPad2 you can enjoy proper computer emulation on your phone or tablet. Imagine Amiga/C64/PC/ZX Spectrum/Atari/Amstrad all with complete Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick emulation on one small controller; not to mention amazing support for almost any console emulator.
    Unrivalled control set: A full QWERTY keyboard, digital D-Pad, 2 analogue nubs, 4 face buttons, Start, Select and 2 shoulder buttons. Everything you need in a compact device - it's the same size as an iPhone4.
    No need for App support: The iControlPad2 will work with almost any app, whether it supports it or not. Thanks to new overlay software, you can map the iControlPad2 controls and keys to screen presses in iOS or Android. Just map your favorite app and start playing; you will be amazed at the advantage real controls give you. See the video for a demonstration.

    Spread the word to as many sites as you can and help get this project going.

    More info here --> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...rce-controller
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