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  • What We Hope to See From Red Dead Redemption 3

    Much as we love Arthur, perhaps the next release from Rockstar games could feature a female lead?

    It has been more than 2 years since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and us fans are getting itchy feet waiting for another. Rockstar have never been ones to rush their game developments, and they've also never been ones to dish out spoilers about new releases. So whether there will actually be a Red Dead Redemption 3 remains to be seen. However, with the intense story development that went on with some of the characters (one of whom we'll mention later) it would be fair to guess that there's something on its way. Here are some of the things that we would most like to see from the next instalment of this Wild West series.

    Sadie Adler

    With the talk of a female James Bond and the success of Ocean's 8, we think its about time that the Wild West had its own strong female lead. For those who've played through Red Dead Redemption 2 (and if you haven't why are you here?! Get back to work!) you'll remember the character development of Sadie Adler. She started the game as a widow in distress. Most of us were guilty of assuming she was going to be pretty useless after the first quest she was introduced to, but after Sadie had appeared a few times, it became clear that there was a lot more to her.

    By the end of the game, Sadie had become a full-blown, one-woman, bounty-hunting operation. Far from babysitting her as some of us had expected to, Sadie actually invited us to help out on her own missions. Finding out where Sadie went next would be a great story to see in Red Dead Redemption 3. Whether she takes the role of the lead character, which she is absolutely geared up to do, or perhaps makes an appearance in the Epilogue as John Marsten did, we want more Sadie.

    More Gambling Quests Please

    The side quests in all of the Rockstar games are a wonderful thing, but the ones in Red Dead Redemption 2 are truly unbeatable. Whether you were chasing two brothers in a barrel downstream, capturing a donkey painted like a zebra, or settling down to a game of poker in a bar, the side quests added an extra hint of realism and a sometimes welcome escape from the demands of the main story. With the recent boom in live dealer casinos, we now know that there is the tech to make a more realistic gambling side quest possible. Casinos.co.za put together a list with African live dealer casinos that offer the greatest games and the best bonuses available.
    Sure, playing dominoes, blackjack and poker was fun in RDR2, but there's scope to make things even more exciting in a new release.

    Live dealer casinos have had great success with recreating realistic games of roulette, baccarat, craps and the old favorites from RDR2 as well. Although RDR2 featured five finger roulette, we know that European roulette made its way over to the states in the early 19th century, so it's kind of surprising to not see a single roulette wheel in Saint Denis. Maybe Rockstar could take a few tips from online casinos and find a way to incorporate some more of the casino games of the 19th century into the next Red Dead game.

    More Capacity in the Stable

    One of the great dividers of RDR2 was completing the compendium, some people loved scavenging around the countryside, picking berries, shooting squirrels and chasing horses, others would rather just get on with the gun-fighting in the main storyline. However, whilst you can turn your prized hunting possessions into amulets and outfits, your rare herbs into tonics and potions and your legendary fish into cold hard cash, there was one part of the compendium that you simply had to let go of, horses.

    There are several horses in RDR2 that could only be caught once, or earned through quests, but there wasn't enough room in the stable to keep them all. Being limited to just three spaces for your trusty steeds meant that nobody could collect all of the unique horses in the game. With the tiger-striped mustang, the red chestnut and white arabians, John's thoroughbred, the beloved Buell and the splashed white American Paint, you'd need at least six stall spaces just to house them, before you can treat yourself to anything else. In the next game perhaps a higher limit on horse power could be introduced. Oh and whilst we're at it, something to stop the horses from running headfirst into trees would be beneficial too.

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