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  • caFive Tips to Win at Online Slots

    The online gambling industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world currently. That was partly caused by COVID-19 pandemics, but even before it they were on a constant, solid rise. Are there that many gamblers around us, or they suck in beating online slots and other casino games? Well, the truth is, as usual, in the middle. The number of gamblers is on the rise too, and many of them are just seeking a bit of fun, adrenaline rush, and try to win big with huge bets fast, and they usually fail. If you want to know how to get better at online slots and raise your chance of winning, check out Casino Horse. In this article, we will cover the basic principles of betting on slots and give you tips on raising your chances of winning big.

    Study the Slot Before You Play It

    If you want to win, you will have to do a background check on the slot you want to play. Take a look at the important parameters, such as RTP (Return to Player), volatility, minimum and maximum allowed bets, maximum wins. By doing so, you will be able to evaluate the slot, and does it worth spending money on it. It will also depend if you are a casual gambler or a high-roller. One of the typical examples of the slot great for casual players, but not that great for high rollers who just want to win big, is Starburst. Starburst is one of the most popular slots, if not the most popular slot currently. That fact alone says enough about the general gambling population online - there are way more casual than serious gamblers. So next time when you read that it is impossible to win big by playing slots and that slots are rigged, remember this simple fact. You can't expect to win big if you want to play on slots with high RTP, but low volatility with the minimum bet, it just won't happen. To win big, you have to play on maximum bets and you need a high volatility slot. That might cause losing everything, so always bet only the money you can afford to lose. But also it can lead to significant wins - you will just need to know when to stop, but we will talk about that later.

    Play the Slot for Free Before Investing Your Money

    Another important thing about testing the slot is playing the demo version for free. You won't need to spend money to test any of the popular slots today - demo versions are always available. Also, don't believe the rumors that game providers and casinos use different slot versions for demo and real money games, and that they'll allow you to win on the demo version, but you will lose everything when you start playing for real money. That's a myth, everything is governed by a random number generator.

    Take Advantage of Welcome Offers

    Almost every online casino is offering some type of a welcome offer to new players, and some are even rewarding their faithful players by throwing loyalty promotions for them from time to time. The best deal you can get is a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus, as the name says, don't require any deposit (funding money) to the casino, before you activate the welcome bonus. The downside of this is that no deposit bonuses are usually rather bad compared to 100% matched first deposit bonuses, which is common sense, we have to say. Nobody will gladly give you free money, so you will have to do something in return. Before claiming any welcome offer, read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You need to evaluate the offer, not just claim if you think that you'll win more money. When a casino offers a huge welcome bonus, the wagering requirements are usually too hard to meet. So, it is much better to opt for some welcome offer which isn't that lucrative, but you will claim it way easier than the previous one. If someone offers you 500 quid as the first deposit bonus, that doesn't mean the offer is automatically better than the 100 quid welcome bonus offer, if you can realistically fulfill the wagering requirements in the second case, while it is almost impossible in the first case.

    Free Spins

    Free spins are also the type of promotion that comes in handy, but free spins in-game are usually the most wanted feature to trigger. The reasoning behind it is simple - free spins are giving you better chances for winning big in almost every slot. Pay attention to the slots where free spins can be retriggered, where they open extra winning lines and allow to hit maximum wins. In those slots, your chances of winning big will be the highest.

    Check the Pay Tables

    In the end, when playing slots, you should always check the pay tables. Pay Tables are important for the evaluation of the slot, not only because they show the awards you will get if you trigger the winning lines. It is because you can see how many features the slot posses and how to take advantage of that. The more features, the better the slot in general. If the slot doesn't have anything apart from the mere Wild and Scatter symbols, it is better for you if the awards are scaling well, and the slot has high volatility with lucrative awards. If the slot doesn't have it, you are probably wasting your time by playing it, especially if you want to play for high stakes.


    Evaluating slots before you play them is very important. By doing that, you will raise your chances of winning, because you will be able to spot the ones worth playing instantly. If you feel you are not experienced enough to evaluate them on your own, have no fear. There are lots of places online which can help you do that, for example, Ask Gamblers, were real people and real gamblers are talking about casino games and rate them. The site is trustworthy, but you should also try to get the rating yourself, and then compare it to their, or the ratings from other casino sites.
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