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  • Some of the Most Interesting Types of Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are big business, with close to 3.5 million of them on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million on the App Store. With so many to choose from, it is no surprise to see that these apps have helped to change our lives in several different areas in recent years.

    Travel and Tourism Made Easier

    The huge potential benefits that smartphones offer tourists has led to a highly varied selection of apps in this sector. Some of the most popular are used for booking accommodation, such as the Airbnb, Expedia and Booking.com efforts. You can also book and track flights from your mobile device, as well as hunt for train and bus tickets. This has made the travel experience smoother and easier to arrange.
    Other interesting apps for travellers include Google Maps, Rick Steves Audio Europe and LoungeBuddy, with the latter letting you see which airport lounges are worth trying. Figures from 2018 suggest that over 60% of American travellers use travel apps, with flight booking, weather and maps among the most commonly used types.

    App for Betting on Sports at Any Time

    The way we used to bet on sports in the UK was by going to a physical bookmaker’s shop, with thousands of them dotted across the country. This national pastime went online in the 21st century, with the subsequent arrival of mobile apps then giving us complete freedom in terms of where and when we place our wagers. If we look at a list of the best UK bookmakers, we can see that brands like 888sport, LVBet and 10Bet all have mobile apps. These apps offer features such as in-play betting and the chance to cash out before the event finishes. The convenience of mobile betting has changed the market, with many bookies now offering big welcome bonuses to attract the new generation of customers.

    The New Approach to Banking

    All of the big UK banks now have their own mobile apps for customers, allowing them to check their balance, carry out transactions and so on. YouGov tracker data for the second half of 2019 showed that over half of Brits used a mobile app from their bank, compared to the 26% who went to the branch when necessary.
    It is expected that the number of people using mobile banking will increase, especially given the success of mobile-only brands such as Monzo, Revolut and Monese. Research carried out by Pockit showed that 1.2 million British residents were unable to open a standard bank account in 2019, so it is perhaps no surprise that millions of us are turning to the mobile option, where it is extremely easy for anyone to get started.

    Shopping for Fashion Bargains

    While the fashion industry might appear to be an area where the option of visiting a physical store is still important, there has also been a shift to mobile apps here too. Huge names like Amazon, ASOS and Zara all have slick mobile apps that make life a lot easier. For example, you can check the latest catalogue and build a wishlist of the items that most catch your eye.
    Zara has even tried out an augmented reality app that let shoppers see the products come to life in front of their eyes. This technology, together with virtual reality apps and the likes of the proposed Apple VR headset, could help to bridge the gap between physical stores and online shopping, by giving every customer who visits the premises or stays at home the same chance to fully customise the experience.

    Easy Access to Health and Fitness Tools

    The health and fitness industry has also received a boost with the way that people can more closely track their habits and get tips via an app. From new exercise regimes to food trackers and sleeping pattern analysers, we can track many of the most important health issues via an app at any time of day,
    For example, MyFitnessPal is a simple app that lets you see the nutritional value of what you eat and track it against your goals. Others let you plan your running or cycling route, while the trend for meditation apps such as Headspace and Insight Timer have allowed many more people to try this way of getting a more relaxed mindset. The number of people using fitness apps is expected to grow from 84 million in 2021 to over 86 million by next year.
    All of these different types of apps have benefited our lives in one way or another. With each of the industries that we have looked at expected to carry on growing, we can look forward to more innovations that result in mobile apps suiting our lifestyles even better.
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