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  • 5 Lesser-known Tips to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, life has changed significantly. One such was is that people no longer travel from home to the workplace. Instead, they work remotely from home. The old ways of doing things are now considered archaic, as social distancing becomes the new norm. While countless businesses have taken a hit, the gaming industry took a different route. During this time, as everybody was looking for a way to entertain themselves without leaving their homes, the gaming industry came to the rescue. The pandemic is increasing people’s interest in gaming as they look for activities to reduce boredom. If you grew an interest in online gaming because you started spending more time at home due to COVID-19, it’s time to build upon your knowledge. It’s important to know about effective techniques to enhance your gaming experience. In this article, you will find some amazing tips to improve the performance and quality of your games and devices:
    1. Use a VPN to avoid bandwidth throttling

    Internet providers usually throttle your internet while you’re gaming. ISP throttling indicates that you receive full internet speed with limited bandwidth in a month. Once you cross that bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down. This happens because an internet provider needs to maintain traffic quality for all users. Therefore, they throttle bandwidth, which negatively impacts your internet speed. Typically, throttling occurs when there’s a high demand for internet bandwidth. This is common among cable internet providers. Throttling affects your gaming experience, increasing lag and ping. Using an effective gaming VPN will increase your gaming experience by increasing the speed. This may sound weird because the actual role of VPN is to encrypt your data, securing it from third parties. Your VPN will increase the internet speed in several ways, such as server load, the distance between the server and your location, encryption quality. For instance, if you use a server dedicated to streaming and gaming, you will notice an increase in internet speed. Another way in which VPN increases your bandwidth is by encrypting your data and hiding your identity, so you receive a better connection while playing online games.
    1. Update Laptop Drivers for Faster Gaming

    A graphic driver is software that bridges the communication between your operating system and a graphics card such as a graphic card. When it comes to gaming, you want to have the best experience and boost your performance. Graphics card is not always a reason for lagging gameplay, low FPS, and poor graphics. Sometimes, you experience poor gameplay after ignoring a graphic driver update.
    You can introduce improvements and fix the performance by updating your graphic card. A graphic card is the major component of your gaming experience, but unleashing the right performance without a suitable graphic driver is not possible. When you update your graphic driver, you will notice a significant boost in your FPS. You can either manually update your graphic driver or turn on the automatic updates.
    1. Change the game’s video settings

    When adjusting the game resolution to enhance your game experience, it is essential to tweak some video settings and boost the additional FPS. Many games will offer simple settings for adjustments such as low, medium, high, and ultra. However, other games include extensive settings where you can put in the numerical settings or adjust the slider. Here are some settings that will help you increase your FPS while enhancing your gaming experience:
    • Graphical Details

    You can reduce the lighting, shadows, reflections, and textures from the graphic settings in the game. Sure, this will make the experience less cinematic, but your game will run smoothly, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.
    • Anti-aliasing

    You can smooth out the definition of the objects in the game by adjusting the anti-aliasing. You need to balance anti-aliasing to a point where it does not affect the FPS, not that it decreases the graphics. Start by completely turning off anti-aliasing. Then, slowly increase it until you notice a positive change in the graphics. Make sure that you do not increase it at a point where it starts affecting the FPS. If there are different types of anti-aliasing in the game, you should adjust each one and notice the difference.
    • Draw Distance

    Sometimes, when the game renders the distant objects, you will notice lower resolution and higher lags. However, you can increase the game’s graphics and quality to reduce the visibility of far-away objects. When the processor doesn’t render the objects, it enhances available resources for close objects.
    • Graphical Effects

    You can remove or tone down additional features, including lens flares, motion blur, and other unnecessary settings that affect your GPU’s performance. When you reduce these effects, your GPU can focus on important resources.
    1. Adjust Your Computer's Power Settings

    You can improve your gaming experience without changing the power management settings. However, when using a laptop for playing games, it’s most likely that you’re away from the power source. Therefore, power management is essential when playing games on a laptop. Windows enables you to choose some additional power management options. This will drastically boost your gaming performance. But, if you want an enhanced gaming experience, you need to connect your laptop with a power source. After you connect your laptop, follow these power settings on your computer. These settings are specific to Windows 10 users:
    • You can either open “start” and view the settings or use the shortcut WIN + I,
    • Now choose “power and sleep” from “system settings” and click on “Additional power settings”,
    • Select “high performance”,
    • After that, you need to click on “change plan settings”,
    • Now open the “change advanced power settings and set the power settings to the desired level.

    Keep in mind that some laptops, including Dell G5 15 series, automatically adjusts your battery’s settings. Also, make sure that you always play games on a setting a little bit lower than the highest quality.
    1. Choose a Wired Connection

    While playing games, slow internet connections are a nightmare. Many gamers claim that using a Wi-Fi device for internet connection results in lower FPS. Even if you connect with the latest AC standard connection, you will encounter various interceptions in your connection, resulting in lags and glitches. Fortunately, you can improve your internet quality by shifting from a wireless connection to a cable net. A wired connection will offer strong signals so you can avoid any uncertainties and the hassle of addressing wireless connection problems.


    Regardless of the games you love to play; you can improve the quality by implementing the above techniques. When you want to enhance your gaming experience and performance, you need to adjust your settings accordingly. For instance, you can adjust your game’s video settings, upgrade your graphic driver, and use a VPN. By implementing all these measures, you can increase the gaming experience and performance.
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