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  • Stop Sucking At Warzone Pacific With These Advanced Tips

    Are you one of the many Warzone Pacific players struggling to win? Do you find yourself constantly on the losing end of the battle? If so, don't worry. You're not alone. When a new player first tries out Warzone, they can often be overwhelmed by the wide array of units available. You all know that guy who churns troops from his FOB and attacks non-stop every turn without any tactical thought whatsoever. Don't be that guy. There's way more strategy to WZP than just spamming troops. Here are some advanced tips to help you on your path to the domination of WZP.
    Use Cheat Codes
    It's a shame that many more players don't use cheats because they improve your play, not just with triggers. There is no reason to be afraid of cheats, and after you get used to using them, it will make playing the game easier and more fun.

    You can get cheat codes for Warzone Pacific from a variety of sources. The IWantCheats for Warzone Hacks is a place you can start. Cheat codes will help your game in several areas, such as giving you good starting positions, allowing you to give your units extra abilities like stealth and invulnerability, and even allowing players to level up their men.

    Focus on Triggers

    You may think that most players suck at triggering because they lack focus. Don't worry, though; by following this guide, you will learn to trigger like a pro. You will find that if you follow these pointers on triggers, things will start to click after a few games.

    The first problem is not thinking about the trigger, which means standing around for a long time and thinking of something clever or unique for your player to do when they win the game instead of focusing on executing the mechanics of a trigger.

    Another issue is not keeping track of your triggers, resulting in players forgetting to end their triggers or, more commonly, forgetting a trigger entirely. Players who have a sound system for this, such as saving screenshots of the game and writing down each trigger on a piece of paper next to the picture, tend to perform better with their triggers.

    Build Your Own Trigger Library

    Once you've become a pro cheater, it's time to make yourself a trigger library. Here is how to do this:

    First, open the game and start a skirmish. Save the game before you do anything else, then load that save game into your editor. Now edit all of your units until you max them out in every skill imaginable.

    Next, start asking yourself this question: What does your player need to do to execute their plan? For example, if you are planning on attacking the enemy base with a big tank push, you might need to put your men in cover near the enemy tanks so they can shoot them when they come out.

    Save this trigger, and every time you have an idea for a terrific trigger, go ahead and save it. It would be best if you worked your way through all of your triggers until you had most of the game covered. If you find a specific kind of trigger that you're not great at making, then keep practicing. Now that you've made your library, it's time to use it.

    Learn About Your Weapons

    One of the most common trigger errors for new players is forgetting to change their weapons before firing, which is even worse if they fail to switch ammo types, resulting in a great rate of wasted bullets before they switch.

    So here's an easy fix for this problem: When you select your units, hit CTRL ALT and 1 to turn on unlimited ammo which will remove the cooldown on your weapons, allowing you to fire as quickly as you click while still giving you infinite bullets.

    This trick works excellent for tanks, planes, and defensive turrets because you can use it more diversely. You can also use this to make things like having a sniper rifle without draining their energy by using the energy cheat to give your snipers infinite power.

    In addition, try to learn how your weapons work, which means knowing if your gun only shoots in a straight line or if it has splash damage. You should also know about anti-tank guns and rockets that lose power over distance.

    The tips above should help you improve your triggers and become a better player in general. Warzone Pacific is an ever-changing game with new units, and abilities added every update, so keep practicing your triggers.
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