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  • How Can Console Developers Target Markets Where Online Games are Ruling the Roost?

    Consoles have been the driving force behind much of the gaming industry’s progression, but they are losing out to more accessible alternatives every year. The smartphone market has damaged consoles’ chances of success massively, and online gaming has forced developers into rethinking their marketing models.
    Console brands and the developers of the games need to look at trends in the world’s blossoming markets and figure out ways to compete with the most lucrative offshoots of gaming within them. For these classic gaming devices to stay relevant, some things may have to drastically change.

    How Much Market Share Does Console Gaming Have?

    The global console market was worth an impressive $49.44 billion in 2021, and PlayStation dominates that sector with a 92.24 per cent share. Still, the market for this form of gaming pales in comparison to other offshoots of the industry. The mobile games market was worth $79 billion last year and is projected to grow at an exponential rate in the years ahead. The same can be said for online casinos, with the overall online gambling market valued at more than $230 billion.
    The revenue made from consoles is healthy enough and the industry will continue to grow in the markets that it has succeeded in up until now. Europe, North America, South Korea, and Japan are a few of the main regions that keep this offshoot of gaming thriving. However, consoles won’t enjoy the same sort of exponential growth as mobile and online casino games if they cannot cement their position in emerging markets. India and Africa are seen as two major regions for investment over the next decade, but consoles are losing out in those parts to mobile and online games.

    Online Games are Finding Great Success in Growing Markets

    South Africa is a prime example of a market in which console developers should be aiming to gain a stronger foothold. PlayStation 3 sales were solid in South Africa, but the PS4 release didn’t do as well. Now, the PS5 could be in line to sell even fewer units because of the recent rise of other forms of gaming in the country.
    According to recent research, mobile gaming in SA is the fastest growing sector, with better year-on-year growth rates than any other form of entertainment in the country. This includes music, cinema, and books. This market is being driven by numerous factors. The main reason why it is flourishing is that the internet is spreading through the country fast and mobile is the cheapest way to get online. There are also many developers emerging in the country and more than 220 publishers from SA in the Google Play store.
    The iGaming industry has grown in tandem with the mobile gaming market throughout its history, so it’s not surprising to see this subsector booming in SA now as well. Some of the most popular online casino games in South Africa can be played easily from the mobile screen. These include online bingo, online baccarat, and video poker. Enticing bonuses also encourage people to join and play at sites that provide such games, and console brands simply can’t rival these offers.

    Consoles May Need to Adjust Their Marketing Model Completely

    To compete with the rise of online games globally, consoles have offered subscription services that give players access to a greater number of titles than ever before. PS Now and Xbox Game Pass provide incredible value for money, with players only having to pay a monthly fee to download any of the titles in the respective game libraries.

    This model is likely to be a hit in markets where online gaming is ruling the roost, but is it going to be enough? With iGaming making up a huge portion of smartphone gaming sales, it begs the question as to how long consoles can go on without offering these games as well. Console developers may either have to adjust their marketing strategy to win these players over or expand their services.
    Console developers have already had to mix things up in recent years to keep up with the growing mobile and iGaming sectors. The subscription model is likely to become the main form of promoting games in the future, but companies may also need to offer iGaming titles to tap into this rich market.
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