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  • How to Choose The Best Console For You - A Guide With a Comparison of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

    Hey guys! My name is Ali and I'm here to give you some advice on consoles. I'm sure that many people reading this article are wondering what the best console is for them, so I'm going to give you a little introduction first. I'll try to keep this as unbiased as possible and just tell you what's best for your needs. As a disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any company or company affiliated with consoles. I know that these companies have their own marketing teams that pay for advertising, but I am just a person with my own advice from the game console addict side.
    Console gaming is a huge industry and it has been growing exponentially in the past few years. This has made console manufacturers very competitive, and they are constantly trying to one-up each other.
    In this article, we will be comparing three of the most popular consoles: PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We will take a look at each console’s hardware specifications as well as some of their best games for their respective platforms.
    Let's start with consoles; PlayStation 4 has been doing really well in the market so many people have picked it up. It is currently one of the best-selling consoles and it has had some great games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last of Us: Remastered, and God of War.
    Xbox One Is definitely one of the most popular consoles out there with great games like Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, and Halo Wars 2. I think that PS4 has had a really good lineup in the recent months with some great games and Xbox One has had more than enough too. PS4 is still getting a lot of great games in the future and Xbox One has been leading with exclusives for a while now. Nintendo Switch is a close third but both consoles have their own positives.
    Just a little fun fact once when i searched London Escorts and the girl showed up we played PS4 S and of course, had fun, she stayed the whole night with me instead of one hour.

    How Do I Choose a Console - The Different Types of Consoles in the Market Today

    The first thing to take into consideration when buying a console is the price. If you are on a budget, then it would be better to go for a cheaper console. If you can afford to spend more, then you can get the PS4 S or Xbox One S.
    The next thing to consider is what types of games you want to play. This will help narrow down which console is best for you. The PS4 Pro has more games than the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, but it doesn't have as many exclusives as Microsoft's consoles do.
    The Xbox One has more exclusives than the PS4 and Nintendo Switch combined, but it does not have any game streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu so if that's something you want in your console then this isn't the one for you.
    The Nintendo Switch is a mid-range system that does have game streaming apps and it has more exclusives than the PS4, but not as many as the Xbox One. When you're deciding which console to buy, think about what types of games you like to play and whether you want an exclusive or not.

    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to each Console in the Market today?

    The Playstation 4 Slim is the most popular console in the market. It has a high graphical performance, as well as a larger storage capacity. The Xbox One S is more expensive than the PS4 S. It also has a higher graphical performance, and higher internal storage capacity. Finally, Nintendo 3DS XL has lower graphical performance and it doesn't have an internal storage capacity either.
    Advantages to each Console:
    -Playstation 4 Pro: High graphical performance, larger storage capacity
    -Xbox One S: High graphical performance, largest storage capacity, the highest price.
    -Playstation 4 Slim: Less High graphical performance, Compact size.
    -Nintendo 3DS XL: Lower graphical performance, doesn't have an internal storage capacity cheapest console between others.
    From my side the best option for you is PS4 S, the worst one is 3DS but it’s the cheapest one.
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