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  • 2022 is a truly exceptional year for the gaming world

    Gaming enthusiasts can consider themselves really excited this 2022, which is reserving and will still hold great surprises from the point of view of new releases, both in terms of quantity and, above all, quality. Regardless of the reference platforms, in fact, compared to last year there is a significant increase in publications, with the alternation of confirmations and some news. In this article, we will try to list just some of the most anticipated games this year, for the best consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or personal computers and more: from Gran Turismo and Horizon, through Suicide Squad and Pokémon.

    The latter, released on January 28 for Nintendo Switch, was among the ten best games that gamers eagerly awaited. A new beginning for the whole saga, with an open world and a completely renewed capture and combat system. Another highly anticipated game, as we said a few lines ago, is Horizon: Forbidden West, released on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The sequel to Zero Dawn will again feature Aloy, engaged in a journey that will take her to the Forbidden West in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The Earth is in fact at the end of its life and the continuous threats will lead Aloy to face challenges never seen, with equipment and weapons completely new. Between setting and vicissitudes, adrenaline is really guaranteed.

    As for Gran Turismo 7, the wait ended on March 4, also on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. We are talking about one of the most loved and long-lived games, especially in the automotive industry. In this new and renewed version, you can play alone, taking advantage of some historical tracks, with a system that is much more realistic than used in single-player mode. To fully enjoy all the innovations, it is of course recommended to run it on PS5, although the PlayStation 4 experience will be equally compelling.

    Among the best video games of 2022, it is impossible not to mention the new chapter of the Final Fantasy series, entitled Stranger of Fantasy: Final Fantasy Origin, directed by Kazushige Nojima. What will strike most of all fans will be the special effects that will accompany the battles; with a turn action even more marked than previous versions of the saga. Among the most anticipated returns, there is also the fantasy action Bayonetta 3, which is expected to be released for four years now, when it was announced for the first time; there is still an official date, but it is certain the publication for Nintendo Switch during 2022.

    What about God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the reboot released four years ago for PlayStation 4: from 2018 fans of the series are waiting to find out what fate will be reserved for Kratos and Atreus. There are many new features, both in the graphics and in the plot. The same can be said for Elden Ring, a title that in recent years has had a leading role in the heart of gamers: a new combat system expanded, many secrets and puzzles to be revealed.

    But videogames for consoles are not the only pastimes on which players focus; for some time now, accomplices probably also the cinema and TV series, the gaming streaming industry is enjoying a particularly flourishing period: think, for example, to the platforms of the best online casinos, with the possibility to play cards, slots and not only directly from the site – being of course always careful to register only on safe and legally authorized sites, that expose the license – or to portals where you can play chess or solitaire, billiards or sudoku. The numbers for these types of games are impressive: millions of subscribers, encouraged by the ease of access to this kind of program, which can be exploited on personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and any device is simply equipped with an internet connection.

    Moreover, technological innovation in this sector has perhaps become more marked and more prominent than in many other areas. Many things have changed since the release of the first video game, when you were still playing with computers literally the size of a room, unreliable, extremely expensive and in which you could play only one action at a time. Thinking about what awaits us in 2022, it seems incredible that all this happened just a few years ago.
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