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  • E3 FLASHER Dual Boots Between 3.70 and 3.55 Firmware on PlayStation 3

    It was only a few days ago that Team E3DIY released a video of their new E3 FLASHER downgrading a 3.70 firmware to 3.55. Now, we received a video of them dual booting both 3.70 and 3.55 in only a few seconds!

    E3DIY team success dual boot with E3 FLASHER, you can switch 3.7 and 3.55 in few second !

    ALL PS3 PLAYER dream come true : E3 FLASHER help you switch 3.7 and 3.55 freely and fast,only few second !

    all is so easy with 1 key operation.

    E3 company will release all details like picture, installation, operation and price next week. And E3DIY team get another great progress for PS3 with E3 FLASHER, it will release at the same time next week.

    PS: 4times switch showes same MAC address, to prove it is the same console.

    As stated, Team E3DIY will release pictures, installation, operation and price next week. We'll have a full review when we get our sample in.

    UPDATE 9/3: Heard this from another source of mine. Price is $88-108 and there will be two versions.
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