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  • mikebeaver

    by Published on October 13th, 2007 15:31

    once again weltall has updated CW Cheat, you can download it from Here

    Change log for this release is as follows:


    0.1.9 REV.G RELEASE

    - [GAME] Added a new code type: inverse jocker code. It works just like the jocker code but it skips specified lines if the specified buttons are
    pressed. 0xDnnnnnnn 0x2vvvvvvv n = number of lines skipped (n= 0 => 1) v = keymask
    - [GAME] Corrected a little glitch in the 32 bit increment/decrement codes which could lead to them not being recognised by the engine.
    - [GAME] various optimizations on bitwise operators codes
    - [ALL] now the text reader allocates it's buffer on the kernel ram if the screenshoot compatibility mode is enabled (default).
    For now this reduces the file size loadable when screenshoot compatibility mode is enabled.
    This is the first steep for the text reader file reading management rewrite to let a teorically indefinite file size while keeping the buffers
    as little as possible.
    - [IRSHELL] in irshell builds Game name is cleaned when going in game mode, so if the game is missing in the db it won't be shown as "HOMEBREW"
    - [ALL] Added a preliminar undo function in the cheat searcher. Press L while pressing X to enter the continue search to enable this.
    - [PACKAGE] Separated the readme file in two files: one exclusively in english and one exclusively in italian

    Thanks again Weltall for your continued support of the PSP scene,

    Mike.. ...
    by Published on September 28th, 2007 17:54

    Here is the thing we have all been waiting for (If like me you managed to brick a Slim, lol)

    Hot off the press from m33/ D_A is the multi unbricker

    Id like to take this oppourtunity to say thank you for all the hard work many people have put into this and for Mr Tutu Alek and Jas0nuk who have done the translation's, the one below is from Jas0nuk



    - Skip this part if you already have a Pandora memory stick.
    If not, format an MS using Pandora/C+D mspformat or any other tool
    that allows the movement of the partition ~250kb from the first sector

    - Cancel USB connection and remove the memory stick. Then re-insert
    the memory stick and restart the USB connection.

    - Make the PSP and PSP/GAME/ directories

    - Copy "despertar_cementerio" to PSP/GAME/

    - Download official updates 1.50, 3.40 and 3.71, and copy them to the memory stick root, renamed to 150.PBP, 340.PBP and 371.PBP

    - Run the app under the 3.XX kernel (under a custom firmware, make sure the GAME folder is set to 3.XX kernel)

    - Once finished, you'll be left with msipl.bin on the memory stick root.

    - Skip this part if you already have a Pandora memory stick.
    If not, use C+D msinst to install ipl on ms, or use the dd command in unix, or any
    hex editor to write msipl.bin to sector 16 on the physical drive.

    - Now you can delete 340.PBP and 150.PBP
    371.PBP will be used for unbricking, so don't delete it.

    - Now you have an universal Pandora memory stick ready to go, and you just need a proper battery.
    If you have 1.50 kernel access, use the C+D tool. Otherwise, use cory1492's tool.

    - The service mode fat battery and memory stick will work on any PSP to date.


    (Note that you won't see the unbricking menu on the slim, due to the different display drivers, so follow the below instructions carefully)

    - Press X to install 3.71 M33. On the slim (blind installation), you will see the orange LED flashing,
    which means that 371.PBP is being written. When finished, the orange and green LEDs will flash,
    to show that it worked. Finally, the PSP will automatically switch off.

    - On the fat, once finished, press X to shutdown.
    Power on manually, press O at the Blue Screen of Death, and you will be on 3.71 M33

    - Press O to install original 3.71 (rest of the process is the same as the 3.71 M33 installation)

    - Press [] to dump the NAND to ms0:/nand-dump.bin.
    Make sure you have 33mb (fat)/66mb (slim) free on your memory stick to avoid corruption.
    The PSP will shut down automatically when done.

    - Press L+R+HOME+start to restore NAND from ms0:/nand-dump.bin
    This process is very dangerous, and you should only use it as a last resort.
    It is physical restore process (not a logical one), and will try to make
    a 100% clone of the dump.
    If you are working with a dump that isn't yours, you will get either a brick
    or a corrupt idstorage, depending on the firmware.
    If, your PSPs NAND has more damaged blocks than the dump being restored,
    you may also end up with a brick.

    Works for both PSP and PSP Slim.

    Updated Version added with English Readme and Sony Bugfix

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on September 25th, 2007 16:46

    Weltall has updated his BETA of CWCheat for 3.71 today it now has a lot more functionality over the release of the last BETA.

    You can download it from Here

    As usual, many thanks go to weltall for being so damn quick with the updates to this, keep it up man.


    Here is the latest Info's/

    With this release all these functions are working:
    1) screenshoot (normal and fast mode), brightness changer (5th level on lites),

    2) frame counter,
    3) remapsp,
    4) cheating with pops and normal engine,
    5) usb,
    6) memory dump,
    7) clock changer (cpu/bus),
    8) informations about memory stick/power informations,
    9) memory editor,
    10) disassembler,
    11) various cheat serching methods and many others (pratically almost all)

    This is what i come up after a lot of checking in nid tables and without powering on the psp

    for the entire process :P

    As some may know i didn't update to 3.71 yet because of the missing 1.50 kernel but these

    are personal reasons and doesn't matter with cwcheat.
    So i've to thanks for those who tested it (mikebeaver, jamesbdx, robertfissk from malloc.us

    irc network) and i was really lucky as it worked at the first try

    overwrite the cwcheat.prx and cwcheatpops.prx in the seplugins folder and enable them in

    plugins. if you don't need cheat searching functions use the lite versions.


    If you want to do a donation you may use this link:


    -added normal prxes and pops prxes
    -added new brigthness and power lock/unlock nids so now it's all working normally
    Known bugs:
    -Home return may not work. it was reported that disabling cheats help in this. I will be

    able to look in the issue after the release of the 1.50 addon for 2.71 ...
    by Published on September 24th, 2007 21:57

    Here is Weltall's latest research into getting CW Cheat to run on the 3.xx Kernel, thanks to Sony changing a lot of Nids most of the homebrew prx's will need to be fixxed, nice to see this one is up and on it's way so soon, especially as Weltall doesnt have a PSP Slim and isnt using 3.71 M33.

    Kudos to that man.

    Here's the Download

    Here's the Read me.

    This is a beta of cwcheat for 3.71 firmware.

    It's the lite prx for psp games/homebrews/vsh so no cheat searching functions and pops for now (teorically this should launch in homebrew mode in pops by forcing it with R but I couldn't get it tried)
    This is what i come up after a lot of checking in nid tables and without powering on the psp for the entire process :
    As some may know i didn't update to 3.71 yet because of the missing 1.50 kernel but these are personal reasons and doesn't matter with cwcheat.
    So i've to thanks for those who tested it (mikebeaver, jamesbdx, robertfissk from malloc.us irc network) and i was really lucky as it worked at the first try

    This is to be considered a beta first of all because it isn't very well tested and also because some functions are missing because they are dependant on some functions i couldn't find for now, these are:
    [*]Brightness function[*]lock of power during risky processes (loading/saving db/screenshots in fast mode): so avoid putting your psp in suspend/poweroff else cwcheat may crash on restore or the files being written/readed could be corrupt.

    plus i decided to make a lite prx just to be sure it worked before furter testing, so for now the cheat search functions are disabled and this needs to be installed on top of an installation of 0.1.9 REV.E to be sure to work and should work in vsh, 3.7x homebrews and games (tested only in game)overwrite the cwcheat.prx in the seplugins folder and enable it in plugins.


    If you want to do a donation you may use this link: http://cwcheat.consoleworld.org/donations.php ...
    by Published on September 9th, 2007 21:09

    Those lovely people over at http://m-33.narod.ru/ have just released news that we can expect a PSP Slim and Lite version of thier firmware 3.60 m33.

    So far there are no details as to how they have managed it or what features to expect, but keep watching Dc emu to keep up to date on this great news.



    by Published on September 9th, 2007 15:29

    Originaly from Weltall

    Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.9 REV.D
    This revision has mainly optimizations and bugfixes.
    Other than these now you can get to the start of an opened text file in the text editor by pressing START
    and now USB MASS is supported even in game mode of 3.5x firmwares.

    Finally for those who requested how to donate for this project i've setup a donation button with paypal: you may find it Here

    Download CWCheat Here

    Change Log:

    0.1.9 REV.D RELEASE

    - [PACKAGE] removed lite and normal homebrew prx as now it's useless
    - [ALL] Now it's possible to go to the beginning of the opened text file by pressing START
    - [PACKAGE] fixed some errors in the readme
    - [ALL] removed all remaining things about the homebrew build in the source
    - [ALL] various optimizations in the builtin strings
    - [ALL] various optimizations in the text reader
    - [GAME] Fixed USB MASS support in 3.5x game mode. Now you can access again the memory stick while playing you favourite game
    - [SITE] now it's available a donation link for those who requested it http://cwcheat.consoleworld.org/donations.php
    differently from ads which are used just for paying the hosting, this will be a way to show the appreciation for my
    work and to make me able to buy new hardware for development

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on July 17th, 2007 21:06

    Looks like Team M33 strike again, thanks to Jas0nuk for the infos

    This update adds a new no-umd mode, it also is accumulative, so it adds the previous wlan fix if you have not applied it.

    The use noumd config in recovery has been changed to UMD Mode. There are 3 options:
    1. Normal -> this is the normal one that requires an UMD.
    2. OE isofs legacy -> this is the OE noumd, that will be still kept at the moment.
    3. M33 Driver -> this is the new NO-UMD mode added in this update.

    To install, copy folder noumdm33 into ms0:/PSP/GAME150/ and use it.

    The compatibility of new mode has still to be more tested, but we have seen that some games like GTA LCS and Xyanide Resurrection that didn't work in the old mode, work now. This new mode doesn't use the sony loader, but it is inspired by it.

    -- M33 Team


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

    Also note there is a great custom firmware FAQ Here. Thanks to V3NOM for that
    by Published on June 19th, 2007 12:14

    Via MCV

    British Classification body rules Rockstar cannot release upcoming PS2 and Wii sequel in the UK

    "With Take 2 already in turmoil following the recent company-wide restructuring, the group has been dealt another blow with the news that Rockstar’s upcoming sequel Manhunt 2 has been rejected by the BBFC, meaning it cannot legally be supplied anywhere in the UK.

    The only other game to ever be rejected by the body was Carmageddon in 1997, though that decision was overturned by the Video Appeals Committee.

    "Rejecting a work is a very serious action and one which we do not take lightly,” BBFC director David Cooke stated. “Where possible we try to consider cuts or, in the case of games, modifications which remove the material which contravenes the Board’s published Guidelines.

    “In the case of Manhunt 2 this has not been possible. Manhunt 2 is distinguishable from recent high-end video games by its unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone in an overall game context which constantly encourages visceral killing with exceptionally little alleviation or distancing.

    “There is sustained and cumulative casual sadism in the way in which these killings are committed, and encouraged, in the game.

    “Although the difference should not be exaggerated the fact of the game’s unrelenting focus on stalking and brutal slaying and the sheer lack of alternative pleasures on offer to the gamer, together with the different overall narrative context, contribute towards differentiating this submission from the original Manhunt game.

    “That work was classified ‘18’ in 2003, before the BBFC’s recent games research had been undertaken, but was already at the very top end of what the Board judged to be acceptable at that category.

    “Against this background, the Board’s carefully considered view is that to issue a certificate to Manhunt 2, on either platform, would involve a range of unjustifiable harm risks, to both adults and minors, within the terms of the Video Recordings Act, and accordingly that its availability, even if statutorily confined to adults, would be unacceptable to the public.”

    In my opinion this is just the iceing on the cake, they can show what they like at the cinema or on TV, but we cant play a game because it might make someone violent, the BBFC are hypocrites. ...
    by Published on April 20th, 2007 21:11

    Dark Alex has released a new Custom Firmware for the PSP that supports the very latest firmware

    Changes 3.30 OE-A -> 3.40 OE-A

    - Updated from 3.30 firmware to 3.40

    - Security patch: Fixed a bug that has been in all 3.XX OE, that caused random data to be written to a location
    in lcdc.prx or (in worst case) emc_sm.prx ram space.

    - Autboot that is missing since 3.03 OE-C has been reimplemented.

    - Improvements in the flasher. It will now generate also the flash1 directories, and it will
    check that the dxar is the correct for this update, so no more bricks by accidentally using
    other DATA.DXAR.

    Note about pops. I recommend people to backup their savedata before proceeding to change them
    (Sony has changed the savedata format, and they force you to change the format in 3.40 if you want to play them).
    If a plugin to load previous firmwares pops appear, the savedata will have to be in the old format for those firmwares,
    that's why it is better to have a backup of them. Psx savedatas are in /PSP/SAVEDATA/[code of game]

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on April 2nd, 2007 01:08

    UPDATE We can now confirm that Daedalus R10 runs Super Mario 64 at full speed smooth with frameskip 1

    Here it is at long last the eagerly awaited R10 version of StrmnNrmn's N64 emu.
    Heres what the read me has to say:-

    R10 - 02 April 2007

    [+] Added frameskip option.
    [+] Added framerate limiting option.
    [+] Added adjustable stick deadzone.
    [+] Allow pause menu to be activated even when rom emulation has hung.
    [!] Fix crash when no roms found, added explanatory message.
    [!] Fix flickering when small number of roms found.
    [^] Fix texture hash frequency check.
    [^] Finally got code compiling with -O3 optimisation flag in GCC.
    [^] Use VFPU for InvSqrt (thanks hlide!)
    [^] Improved VFPU code for clipping and tnl (thanks Raphael!)
    [^] Improved inlining of AddTri.
    [^] Reduced time spent searching for overridden blend modes.
    [~] Remove debug console in public release builds (smaller footprint and slight speedup.)

    Check out our Daedalus Compatability List

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
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