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  • Zion

    by Published on May 1st, 2007 17:40



    Hi there.

    Its been a while since my last release

    Ive really made my mind work and coded this Mario Kart 64 (Kinda) clone for the psp (its 2d though)

    Its fully finished (yes zion has actually finished a game ) and very Playable

    Game Features Include

    - 3 Levels

    - Scrolling

    - Main Menu

    - 4 Computer controlled racers racing against you.

    - Character Selection menu that includes : 5 Selectable Characters (Link, Luigi, Kirby, Donkey Kong & Mario).

    - Power-Ups and Missles - Inlcuding Chomp, Shells, Bananas & Mushrooms.

    - Random AI - No race will ever be the same.

    - Pause Screen - Abillity to pause the game at any time.

    - Nice Animation.

    - Great Soundtrack & Sound Effects.

    Readme & Controls (Full readme included in zip file)

    Aim Of The Game

    The aim of the game is to Avoid attacks getting you, get the powerups and win the race.


    Menu : X = Advance to next screen

    Game :

    X = Accelerate - (HOLD) This acceleration is modest to say the least, your best best is combining it with power ups and the "L" key.

    L = Speed Boost - (TAP) This will give you a slight speed boost, that when combined with the "X" key will make you go faster.

    R = Block Attacks - (TAP) Tapping this key as your just about (literally) to be hit, will stop the attack from slowing you down.

    R = Use Power Ups - (TAP) Tapping this key as your just about (literally) to revieve a power up (mushroom) , will give you a nice short speed boost.

    Start = Pause the game - Press "X" to resume


    Coding by : Zion

    Graphics by : Paiku, Nintendo, Zion, SemiJuggalo & Bruno The Rhino.

    Sound & Music by : Nintendo.

    Beta Testers : Don, $n!per, Sroon, Vettacosx, Hardhat, Gizmo356 & Malkster.

    Official Site of the Game : ZionMax.com.

    Download & Give Feedback Via Comments - Enjoy

    ----Updated , Pause Screen Sound bug fixed, bug pointed out by Yaustar fixed, More sound effects added. If you downloaded it before this edit was made please download again ...
    by Published on March 9th, 2007 18:39

    Via ZionMax

    Yes, here it is. V3.0 of DreamChip.

    DreamChip is a chip8 emulator ported & being optimised to the psp by zion.

    Changelog :

    - The emulator now runs in full screen mode.
    - Flickering reduced (only seems to affect pong).
    - Input working flawless (no more stickyness).
    - Slight Speedup.
    - More compatibility (games like space invaders now work)

    Quite a few changes there

    It was possible becuase i finally managed to get a working psp

    So while this could have taken a while with me not having a psp, it ended up a lot faster with me having one

    Plans For Dreamchip V4.0 :

    - More compatibility (a few bugs are hampering a few games)
    - Solve Flickering issue (flickering issue will be solved by the next release)
    - File Browser (its been low on priority, but i will definatly incude in next release)
    - Speed (more speed )


    Source code included

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on March 3rd, 2007 02:17

    Hi all.

    This is the second release of Dreamchip - chip8 emulator for psp.

    I have worked real hard over the last week with the emulator.

    The controls now work great with every game that was tried.

    There have been various other bugfixes too.

    More roms now work, tetris being one.

    Source code is released under the gpl licence (i think) and is included in the zip file.

    Next release will see a filebrowser and a speed up and some games are running a bit slow.

    Thanks ...
    by Published on February 23rd, 2007 15:42

    Hi there guys

    DreamChip is a chip8 emulator ported to the psp by me.

    for anyone wondering what a chip8 is look here : CHIP8 wiki

    I bet some of you never thought this project would ever get as far as a release

    I took the initiative to port a Chip8 emulator (unamed) made by TJA of emutalk to the psp.

    It uses sdl for input, sound and gfx.

    It runs at full speed (i think ) and compatibility seems good too

    I have included Some pd roms with the release, although as far as im aware all chip8 games are pd now.

    I would like to say a special thanks to Hardhat, who taught me a hell of a lot of sdl and helped me with some stupid mistakes i was making a long the way

    Due to my psp being briked i would like 1 beta tester for this emu, as i am sure input is working now but have being unable to test it myself.


    Note : This emulator is currently hardcoded to play a rom named "ROM" in the /rom directionary.... to play another rom just rename it "ROM" and replace the current rom in the folder.

    Source code will be released soon, very messy and a few things need changing before source is released.


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on February 11th, 2007 16:47

    I am currently recoding the game in C and have decided to release the souce code of the lua engine i made for the game to help new comers to lua coding or experienced lua coders alike.

    unfortunatly, i dont have the source code of the released version (i changed os) and lost some of it,...

    i have the code though from the version that was made 3 days prior to release.

    Feel free to use this code, with or without credit although credit is always appriciated.

    Also included is the demo of the engine i am coding in c for the game, i am basically porting my lua engine to c and changing and improving where i see fit.

    Again my appologys to dcemu and others for my past drama of late see here for full appology and reflection - Here

    The source Code.zip is the source code from the lua release of quest of link

    Download & GIve Feedback Via Attachments ...
    by Published on February 4th, 2007 18:13

    Via ZionMax.com

    Legend Of Zelda - Quest Of Link alpha 1

    Seen as my psp is briked i can no longer work on this until its unbricked so i have decided to show you all how it is so far.

    I wanted way more than this in the first demo release but cant now my only psp is briked.
    Im gutted about having to release it at this earlier than expected stage

    Anyway what this game contains :

    Coded Movie Intro
    Sword Attacks
    Blocking (shield)
    Character Ineraction
    a lot of effects and animations.
    + More

    Not a lot in there but its past the standard of my previous zelda game (linkens quest)

    and everything works great and is very pro.

    Please download and enjoy

    Also please do me the curtosy of not copying my ideas in your game. it took me ages to do this and think of all these ideas and i will be pissed if i see my ideas ripped off.

    All sprites were hand made by paiku, backgrounds are nintendos from minish cap

    Download (& More Screenshots) & Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on January 27th, 2007 00:59

    (discovered by vision - idea improved by zion )

    Guide created by Zion

    This is how to change your background to a more cool and colorfull one like the included pic attached below, + keep the cool wavy lines too

    Right then.

    First download the attached pspfilerv2.4.
    Create a image in .bmp format with the size being 60x34 and has to be named "01-12.bmp" without the ".

    Next go to theme settings on your psp, then to theme, and change it to original.
    It wont work unless its set to original

    next, put the 01-12.bmp image you made in the root of your memory stick.

    start psp filer, once its started press L+R+D-Pad-Left

    now navigate to your 01-12.bmp file and press square then x. press circle now to copy it into the ramdisk.

    once done press circle again.

    press start twice (should say file:[flash0:/]) at the top now.

    go to vsh/ and press circle. now go to resource and press circle. now then, press cross/x then press triangle, press circle to confirm overwriting the previous bmp file.

    and your done

    press select + Start to quit to the xmb and enjoy your new background

    for 3.03oe users just start up recovery mode, click advanced then toggle usb(flash0).

    and in windows navigate (your psp directory) to vsh/resource then just paste/replace the current 01-12.bmp file with your new one.

    i have included the default image just in case you make a mess of it or dont like it.

    Tested on 3.03oec [/U][/B]


    Same method with a few changes works for custom gameboots too on 3.03oec ive just done mine now using the same method but with a gameboot.pmf file. Its in the same directory as the background image, so you should be able to work out how to do it

    I made this guide to help others but take no responsibilty if your psp bricks as a result.

    Download & Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on January 14th, 2007 03:10

    With all of hype & anticipation over now regarding the next generation consoles, where does the PS2 fit in?

    With the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 & Sony PS3 all released now, does the PS2 still warrant a purchase?

    With the price for a new one being sold at 150 Euro's and having a huge games catalog available, would some gamers go for a PS2 before a next gen system?

    For an extra 100 Euro's a gamer could go out and get a Nintendo Wii + Wii Sports and have a next generation system.

    But with popular games like Buzz, Singstar & Guitar Hero, the PS2 still has some family appeal, and also appeals to older and younger gamers alike, especially with games like Bully to entertain.

    Previous generation console owners, would you buy a PS2 over a next gen console? ...
    by Published on January 7th, 2007 14:45

    I know you guys will love this, this is a Compiler for Windows to stop people from stealing your Lua code. Named XtreamLua (no, that isn't a typo) Compiler v0.2, this handy application encrypts Lua code (which could otherwise be easily accessed using a simple word processor) so that nobody can steal your source and try to pass it off or using it in their own application/game. According to Emeric0101, this application is much faster than encoding the Lua file yourself and is pretty easy to use and from what we can tell by the GUI.

    The application has been originally coded in French but it also has English language files included. When you run the installer, just click the button which says "Suivant" and then select "English". After that, the rest of the installation process will continue in English along with the application when it runs. There are a few grammar errors such as the button which says "Do a file", but I think you can easily determine that this means go to a directory. If you are fed up with people stealing your code or you have a very big project coming up soon, this could be for you.

    I know some of you coders are tired of getting you code stolen so start encrypting you code guys!

    via XtreamLua

    Note from zion - this is awesome, no more will you have to worry about people stealing your code and passing it off as there own. Fantastic :thumbup:

    This also seems to make your game/app have more fps

    NOTE - From Zion,

    If you plan on using this, make sure to BACKUP your code in a safe place first as once you have encrypted it you cant uncyrpt it again, & therefor would render your code un-updateable. only use for releases and make sure to BACKUP your code before using it, then you can revert to the backup code to continue updating your game

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on November 13th, 2006 22:56

    Over the last couple of months, there has been a slow decline on the PSP homebrew scene.

    Several superb coders have left the scene with PSMonkey & ZX-81 two of the biggest names to leave.

    StrmnNrmn has been unusually quiet too...

    With all that and the upcoming 3.0 firmware release which apparently is going to include the ps1 emu, will people just update?

    Forget the scene all together?

    Im getting saddened by the slow decline on the PSP homebrew scene which has been one of the biggest homebrew scenes in homebrew history....

    Lets Hope it picks up soon ...
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